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I awoke in the morning and got online, eventually watching today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. And then I snuck on the PS3 and got in a little time on PlayStation Home. Then we watched some morning TV and I got online again for a little while. But soon it was time to media buy…

First, I headed to Walmart. Predators was so good that I was considering picking it up again from Walmart in order to get their exclusive Blu-ray/DVD combo pack that probably wasn’t in some damn eco case.. like X-Men Origins: Wolverine a little while back. But luckily in way, I could find none. I bought some razors that I’ll never use though, just to get a Gran Turismo 5 racing suit in PlayStation Home. Yay. I passed the $5 razors off to my dad. :p

Next, I moved on to Best Buy and picked up one of their three copies of the V: Season 1 Blu-ray with Best Buy Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook packaging. It looks very nice, especially the art on the inside. And I also picked up Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition at full price.. even though I already own the games on this disc on separate discs already. Learned my lesson here though. Trying very hard to pass on Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (via download or on disc later this month) until the inevitable “complete edition”.. I was hoping there would be some overlap on the amount of game data that has to be installed though. But no, the back cover states about 6GB is needed. I’ll have to delete another game’s data just to install it now. And so I’m starting to reconsider.. but I’m weak, so I’ll probably open it soon anyway. :p

I got my usual icee (yum) and headed to the bank (cable bill withdrawal), then visited Target (I stayed in the car though) before finally returning home.. I soon got onto PlayStation Home and tried out my new Gran Turismo 5 Schick racing suit. Noice. Also nice is that the two God of War virtual T-shirts that I got free earlier this year as part of a 7-Eleven promotion are now in the PS Store for 99 cents each. Haha. :p

Once I raced all three of my dolphies (they did pretty well too.. one won a race, another came in second 🙂 ), I watched Castle (oh hey look, it’s the Lightspeed Rescue Green Ranger being arrested in this episode directed by MMPR: TM director Bryan Spicer.. haha), Tower Prep (ooh, an especially good episode last night.. such a shame the ratings dropped though.. fuh queue election!), The Big C (wait, did I miss something? I was all “wtf” at the start.. but apparently I didn’t miss an episode :/ ..very good episode though) and another Castle (mainly been watching this show lately so I could delete them.. I put them on the PS3 HDD and now I needs the space.. *points above* ..Castle’s daughter’s pretty cute though…. mm).

I got online to news-gather and we soon had another blah supper because my dad always wants to do the least cooking possible (a laziness we share, I suppose).. In primetime, we watched The Middle (lol), Better With You (haha, putting the opening thing at the end now.. nice idea), Modern Family (the daughter’s actress is actually 19, so it’s okay to drool.. *commences*) and Cougar Town ( :/ ). I wanted to finally watched Desperate Housewives after that, but again like a child or baby, he just couldn’t stay in one place. so I shut it off and headed off to my room for the night. Screw it. We’ll just watch two episodes on Sunday then. 😡

See ya.



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