Sunday 10.31.2010 — HALLOWEEN!

I awoke later than expected in the morning.. after falling asleep earlier than expected last night. Damn.. I posted the previous entry, then watched Bleach (Will Goku and the other Z Fighters survive?! Find out next time on the next super-serious episode of Dragon Ball Z!!1 -_-), Kekkaishi (another good episode this week 🙂 ) and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (nice two-part sneak preview episode, really reminded me of Goosebumps.. there were a few very brief moments where even I was creeped out by the living doll.. the dad brought up buying a doll for everyone and the teenaged son asked that his look like Megan Fox, lol :p *high fives*).

After that, I checked out PlayStation Home for a little while to check out the Halloween festivities. The game that’s been in Central Plaza for a few weeks now was still there, but an orange disco ball had appeared and the sky was also raining something dark-colored. Hm. And there was a cool souvenir for the event. I added it to my other trophies in one of my personal spaces, then headed out to party in my new mummy suit. Haha.

But soon, it was time for my dad to watch his damn NASCAR race. And so I got online for a while, soon uploading the pictures from today to the usual photobucket folder. I also finally watched today’s episode of 145 Days of Power Rangers.. and got into a little room cleaning.. But once my dad’s race was over, I snuck back into PlayStation Home and picked up another holiday freebie that I had missed (yay).. then went over to Netflix and streamed The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. It looked from the promos on TV a while back.. but it didn’t offer all that many laughs outside what I had already seen. :/

Once the movie ended, we watched Funniest Videos. But soon after that, my dad chose to go to bed early.. so I watched Community (zombies, ugh.. so tired of seeing zombies.. didn’t care for this one all that much, except that ending, haha), Scared Shrekless (haha, not bad) and The Walking Dead (zombies, awesome! :p ..this was actually done rather well, I really liked it.. and my dad woke up and couldn’t go to bed before watching most of it too.. good ending, looking forward to next week’s episode already :p).

I tried uploading today’s episode of 145 Days of Power Rangers many times throughout the day, but was stopped in one way or another. And just as I was almost done uploading it (very slowly) late tonight.. my cable internet connection went out completely. Ugh. 😦

See ya.. I hope.


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