Saturday 10.30.2010 —

I awoke early the morning to my dad making a commotion, then got online to watch the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. But soon after that, I fell asleep again.. A few hours later, my dad awoke me again to tell me he was leaving for the store. :/ I soon watched Todd Margaret (lol), Degrassi (good episode.. Fiona.. *drools*) and Ugly Americans (haha @ the house subplot :p).

I followed that with the final seven episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force (I was going to only watch four, but my dad fell asleep.. so I got them all out of the way.. “Light Source” was pretty good, as well as the finale “Mystic Fate”) and Bored To Death (lol). By this point, my dad was awake, so we watched Castle (eh.. only the second episode this season though :p) and three episodes of Flashpoint (yes, WAY behind on this one.. three out of the seven new episodes that aired in August & September.. oh hey, there’s Ellie from Degrassi TNG :p ..all good episodes 🙂 ).

We had some supper, then watched a couple movies on Blu-ray — Predators (perhaps reviews lowered my expectations.. because I really liked this movie 🙂 ..maybe they could do another? definitely felt more like a sequel to Predator than Predator 2 did.. when the basic premise was set up at the start, I was really reminded of Lost.. a movie version of that would be awesome) and Paranormal Activity (it creeped me out all over again.. I must be a weakling :p ..I’m really getting curious when the heck Oren Peli’s Area 51 movie is coming out.. I’m more interested in that than this Paranormal Activity 2 really :/).

My dad fell asleep for a good part of Predators, but managed to watch all of Paranormal Activity. He didn’t think there was all that much to it though. But he was MSTing it a bit though. :/ ..See ya..


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