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The Cat Shit One CG anime (which actually features neither cat nor shit) will see a US release on DVD and Blu-ray exclusively at in December, following a free streaming of the English dub on YouTube in November. I rarely watch anime in its original language, but this title just drew me in.. and I liked it. I’m looking forward to seeing the dub, and may just consider a Blu-ray purchase when it comes. 🙂

After a disappointing break, it seems Nickelodeon is getting back into the half-season DVD set business with iCarly: Season 2, Volume 2, set for release of January 4th. Nice. Had me a bit worried there for a second. :p

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online to download and watch today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. But not long after that, I fell asleep.. A few hours later, I awoke and watched as all the weather drama unfolded. Severe storms kept taking out the power a few times.. But once all that was over, I rebooted and got online for pretty much the rest of the morning.

Once my dad finished up on the TV (news), I took over and watched Men In Black: The Series (don’t remember how much of the Maury Island event was mentioned in the movies.. hope they keep the story straight between them, this episode and the new sequel.. Men In Black 3 was originally going to be a direct-to-DVD movie with new actors.. glad they got the budget for it now, probably due to the 3D gimmick), Batman Beyond (a bit surprised to see blood on Terry this episode.. nice touch), Twisted Whiskers (lol).. and finally five more episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force (“That was the scariest story I’ve ever heard!” lmao, so crappy.. as was how gullible the Rangers were in the otherwise highlight two-parter “Stranger Within”).

By this time, I was starting to get annoyed that the UPS truck(s) still hadn’t arrived with my discs. Grrrrr. I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while.. and then they finally came. All three of them in one truck. Yay.

The Paranormal Activity Blu-ray is just $12.99 at Amazon & Best Buy this week. I saw it on Netflix first and waited for it to get cheap. :p ..After unwrapping the new discs, I put in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and played through the first level.. that’s almost a carbon copy of the demo I played a few weeks ago. Good game so far, but according to others’ reviews it may not be worth full price. :/ I was about to start the next level when my dad bitched that supper was ready. Damnit.

I got online to news-gather for a few hours.. In primetime, we watched No Ordinary Family (very good episode this week, series continues to improve), two episodes of Raising Hope (until the internet was mentioned in the second episode today, I really thought this series was set in a different era or something.. why ruin that? 😦 ..good Halloween episode though 🙂 ), Two & A Half Men (rofl, so funny) and Mike & Molly (lol.. this one continues to improve, nice).

And that was it.. See ya.



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