Before falling asleep last night, I found time for the new Childrens Hospital (lol)… I awoke the next morning and got to downloading and watching 145 Days of Power Rangers (the parade of previously-refused monsters-of-the-day continues!), then I soon watched the first two episodes of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (ugh @ cutting the first five episodes all up and releasing them as micro-episodes online.. I’ve seen at least half of these episodes already now, damnit.. like this tried-and-true format better.. thanks for yet another fail, Disney!).

But not long after they ended, I fell asleep.. and awoke to my dad returning from dialysis. We watched some morning TV.. and my dad eventually fell asleep. Right after them, I fit in a DVRed movie from our short stint of having HBO — The Unborn. Good timing, amirite? Great movie too, in my opinion.. and not just for the lovely sight of Odette Yustman. Though that does help. Yum.

And then I watched Men In Black: The Series (ah, the episode where the alien from the movie returned, and his actor returned to voice him.. pretty cool.. too bad it was a bit of a background thing to the main plot though) and Batman Beyond (good episode). I was a little sidetracked around this point. My dad had gotten his new debit card in for the new bank and and I had to set it all up for him, taking up a lot of my time. :/

Not longer after them, I started Power Rangers Mystic Force with its first five episodes. I thought the Madison character was cute and I identified with her since she was shy too.. but then the season became all about the Red Ranger with very little spotlight time for the others. Ugh. I lost some interest during the last of these episodes.. Once it ended, I wasted a little time on PlayStation Home before 6PM. My dad once again got Taco Bell for supper. I’m starting to think it’s not so much the grocery shopping he’s getting worse at.. and he might just be feeling too tired to stay in there too long. 😦

I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched.. well, my dad decided not to sleep at all during the day, so he was getting pretty tired and weak by this time.And so he went to bed pretty early into the evening. So I watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, good episode), Rules of Engagement (lol), Chuck (wow, good episode tonight) and The Event (another very intriguing episode.. liking it more every week.. but next week is being pre-empted for an SNL special? FUUUUU-).

And that was about it for the night. I ordered all of tomorrow’s discs on Amazon using my current free trial of Amazon Prime. I at least ordered two of them in the same order.. but nope, three packages.. all expected to be here tomorrow. They better not keep me waiting all day again. Gr.. And it’s apparently a good idea to do that. My dad’s pre-operation stuff is tomorrow morning. He was considering not showing up right up to the last minute because he doesn’t want them to mess up his other arm like his right one is now. 😦 ..See ya..


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