Saturday 10.23.2010 —

Did you happen to watch the Nickelodeon Original Movie The Boy Who Cried Werewolf tonight? No? Well, it was a pretty good in my opinion. Oh, and also, former Power Rangers executive producer Douglas Sloan and Power Rangers Ninja Storm writer Art Brown both served as executive producers and writers on this movie. I think it’s interesting how Doug Sloan did all those TV movies for Disney, and now he’s moved on to Nick just as Power Rangers switches hands to them as well. Hmmm.. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf airs again Sunday night at 7PM ET on Nickelodeon.

I awoke in the morning and soon watched 145 Days of Power Rangers, then.. eventually watched Big Time Rush (wow, you can see they had a lot of fun with this Halloween special.. and I did too :p), Degrassi (very nice episode this week 🙂 ), Todd Margaret (lol), Community (lol, pretty good for once :p), 30 Rock (lol here too) and Nikita (liked this one as well.. hope I continue to with the upcoming changes).

My dad went out to the store.. a few times during the day.. But eventually, we watched my next Netflix selection — Cop Out. Thumbs up for trying, Kevin Smith.. but again, I just wasn’t feeling it. Haha’s @ the 80s synthesizer music score. That was my reaction every time it came up. :p ..I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for a bit (dolphies.. and took my “Santa Jedi” avatar out for its first brief spin :p).

But then I got onto the Netflix app and we watched P2. Wow, I really enjoyed this movie. I wants it on Blu-ray, but there’s no US release yet. Damnit. Rachel Nichols is yum, and she acts here rather well too. I might just go get the DVD while waiting for Blu, since its going for peanuts. :p ..We soon got some supper from Taco Bell (XXL Chalupa, yum).

In primetime, I was only for a while before watching the premiere of The Boy Who Cried Werewolf on Nickelodeon. It was a pretty solid movie, for TV kids fare. I liked it. Power Rangers‘ Doug Sloan is listed as one of the film’s executive producers and writers. The other writer is Power Rangers Ninja Storm‘s Art Brown. Perhaps that’s why. The full werewolf outfits reminded me a little of those old rat costumes they used late in MMPR Season 2. :p ..And of course there were promos for the upcoming iCarly and Victorious movie events.. and still no mention of Power Rangers. *shrug*

Well, see ya.


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