My dad stored a container of gas in the apartment overnight. That explains the annoying fumes last night and less so today.. So I awoke and got online, soon watching 145 Days of Power Rangers (it’s nice staying up past 2AM to get the download started, then watching the next morning.. and the episode quality doesn’t alternate if you download instead of stream, so..). I then watched Twisted Whiskers (lol) and Men In Black: The Series before falling asleep again. But once I awoke, I fit in Batman Beyond as well (good episode, as always).

My dad eventually returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. He returned a little late though. I didn’t want to go with him to the store yesterday, but I had changed my mind since. Too late though. He went to the store on his way home.. and got nothing at all to make a meal out of. Wow.. I got online for a little while, then got the PS3 online. I booted up the now-better-working Netflix app and streamed Zombieland. Eh, trying to get a little into the spirit of the season. :p And I liked it. It was pretty good. 🙂

After that, I soon watched The Big C (good episode), Eastbound & Down (haven’t been liking this season so far.. but this latest episode was pretty good actually), Fringe (last Thursday’s episode, finally :p ..awesome episode too) and Craprica (oops, extra R, teehee.. still boring, but a little less than some other episodes.. so yay?). After that, I got online to news-gather. And then my dad and I got into a small argument about where to get some fast food for supper (since his grocery buying this morning was completely unsuccessful).

In primetime, we watched Smallville (was expecting a Hawkman appearance would be a no-brainer for this episode.. but nope.. guess it had to be more difficult for them.. wow @ that ending O_O), Good Guys (lol, good episode), The Soup (lol) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (for the second week in a row, Anakin leave Ahsoka on her own while he does something more interesting off-screen.. or we’ve seen the events already.. or we will.. the chronological order of these episodes are a bit wonky :p ..but at least Ahsoka’s story was way more interesting this week, a good episode 🙂 ).

And.. see ya..


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