avatar bd-live update / today

TheDigitalBits reports that new BD-Live content is now available on the current Avatar Blu-ray, with additional content appearing in the coming weeks, all previewing content that will be included on the November 16th Blu-ray release of Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition. Neat. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and soon watched 145 Days of Power Rangers, then eventually followed that with Men In Black: The Series (good episode, of course) and Batman Beyond (wow, very good episode). I was watching these while waiting for an upload to finish before checking out PlayStation Home. But my dad woke up and we soon watched some morning TV.

My dad was about to go to the grocery store.. but then he couldn’t. The gas tank was empty. My dad was pretty sure it was full recently. But the gas gauge on the dash kept changing from one side to the other, so he wasn’t sure. And so began a long day of him in the house. *sigh* ..I got online for a bit, then eventually checked out PlayStation Home (after some maintenance downtime started right as I was getting on it the first time.. I didn’t buy anything though, just checked out the Halloween event).

I finally got the now-very-defecting Netflix app working long enough to watch the last three episodes of Hell Girl (well, that’s done with.. and IFC didn’t even re-air all 26 of them in their weekday 3AM timeslot.. what starts out very procedural before a story about halfway through.. that reaches a very nice conclusion.. wish the other two seasons were available though). Maybe Netflix is getting a lot of people trying out streaming now or something. Because I keep getting a connection error over and over before it finally connects, then the on-screen text and images take forever to load.. if ever. The streaming played near-flawlessly however.. Hope they fix that crap.

I returned to PlayStation Home (completed the Halloween event reward costume.. then headed off to the Japan server to see their highly superior Halloween celebration.. wow), then we eventually had some supper before I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol, good episode), Shit My Dad Says (lol), The Office (lol), Outsourced (picked up for a full season, a bit surprised really) and the two episodes of Blue Mountain State (Sam Jones III is poof, gone with no reason given.. except that the first episode has to do with finding a replacement.. I liked that episode, unlike the second one.. Rashomon? I just see that as lazy writing for the most part.. overall, Season 2 not as good as Season 1 so far).

My dad only watched the first two shows or so though. The rest of the night was spent dealing with his car problem. By 11PM, it was finally resolved though. *phew* But of course, before he went to bed, he was somehow able too fill the apartment with that gasoline smell. WTF? I don’t care if it’s getting really cold out there tonight. I’m turning on the damn fan.. See ya.


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