I awoke in the morning, made sure that my dad had gone off to dialysis, then got online for a little while.. eventually watching 145 Days of Power Rangers (Popcorn Alarm? lol). Then I watched Twisted Whiskers Show (lol).. before falling asleep very early into the next show. My dad returned home from dialysis, waking me. We watched some morning TV, then I got online for a bit. But then I took over the TV and watched Men in Black: The Series (great show.. it was made before the crap second movie even existed, so yeah.. I just hope that Men In Black 3D doesn’t suck too) and Batman Beyond (Terrific Trio, haha).

I had been feeling weak lately, possibly due to lack of sleep. It was around last night, then it returned in the afternoon. So eventually, I gave in and fell asleep for a few hours. My dad woke me at 5PM to say he was going to get a pizza for supper.. okay.. I awoke with a bit of a fever and headache, but some tylenol eventually knocked those out. I got online to news-gather.. then we had said pizza for supper (yay 4 finding a pizza we both like).

Hours later in primetime, we watched The Middle (lol, especially @ the end), Better With You (aw, breaking the cold open formula already 😦 ), Modern Family (lol), Cougartown (my like for this one just keeps wearing thinner and thinner), South Park (lol.. until it went into the Inception stuff and it lost me because I won’t see the movie until Blu-ray) and Ugly Americans (blah, suddenly feel so bored by this one). Of course, my dad randomly went to bed during the first show. I returned to my room at the end of the night.

See ya.


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