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With the unwatched TV shows starting to pile up a little due to my Netflix sabbatical yesterday, I tried to stay up late last night and watch some of them. I watched The Big C (good show).. then fell asleep halfway through the next show. :/ ..I awoke the next morning and got online, eventually watching 145 Days of Power Rangers. Then we watched some morning TV. But soon, we got ready and headed out to media buy.

well, actually not just yet. My dad decided to switch banks today (after talking about doing it for months) and decided to do that first. I ended up sitting in the car for about an hour while he was inside. I think I fell asleep for part of that time too. I haven’t been sleeping enough lately.. Finally, I headed to Best Buy and picked up Predators on Blu-ray. I wouldn’t find out until later than Walmart had a Blu/DVD/DC combo version. Grrrr. I hate their secret exclusives that I find out about too late.

Next, I headed to Target to pick up their Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Blu-rays with store exclusive movie tickets to Deathly Hallows Part I.. and somehow it slipped my mind that they could possibly put their copies in those extremely annoying “spider” security devices that totally ruin the packaging. Once I confirmed there were no copies without that bullshit on them, I stormed out (literally). I explained it to my dad, but of course he didn’t get it and made fun of me. Ass.

After some whining though, I convinced my dad to head all the way back to Best Buy (icee on the way), where I picked up the Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban & Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition Blu-rays. Best Buy had them for $39.99 each, but I price-matched them down to Target’s $34.99 each (with no ad either, interesting). Since these cost so much, I decided to keep them wrapped for a little while.. though it’s pretty doubtful I’ll return them.

We returned home. After Ellen, I watched Men In Black: The Series (symbiote looks a bit different here than yesterday, heh), Batman Beyond (wow, good episode), Childrens Hospital (lol), Chuck (haha, good episode this week.. as if there’s a week that isn;t good :p), Todd Margaret (lol, keep digging that hole you’re in), Caprica (uuuggh, so hard to keep my attention this week.. don’t know how they could make such awesome sci-fi elements so boring for so long.. it was the same for most I saw of Battlestar Galactica too -_-) and Bored To Death (speaking of being bored to death.. lol.. but very good episode actually).

My dad went to the grocery store.. and returned with more fried chicken. Great. Cannot possibly get tired of– oh wait, I have. 34563456345 ago. I was considering ordering a pizza.. but he had to pull this out of nowhere. Oh well.. I got online for a little while.. In primetime, we watched No Ordinary Family (another good episode.. but wow @ next week), House (also good episode, lol @ the end), Running Wilde (lol.. damnit Fox, airing this show out of order.. this felt very much like a second episode.. not the fifth :/) and The Event (wow, continues to get better after the first few episode being kinda ugh.. so yay).

And that was about it for another day.. See ya.



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