disney infects marvel / smallville 200 ratings / today

Disney has thrown some money at some people and now have their grubby mitts on the distribution rights to two of their Marvel characters’ upcoming movies, The Avengers & Iron Man 3. Oh boy.. And they’ve also infected the classic Marvel heroes with some Tron promotion in the form of some Tron world variants for upcoming comic book covers.. Yeah, the latter looks pretty cool.. but still..

Hey look, Smallville did rather well in the ratings for its 200th episode last Friday. “The show’s 200th episode puts The CW in front at 8:00/7:00c among adults 18-49 and second place for the night.” Pretty awesome. 🙂

I was awoken at at about 7:30AM by the cat knocking over a bunch of crap in order to try and get some food. I soon fed him some so he’d quit that, then I realized that my dad did in fact not go to dialysis due to his minor sickness he had had yesterday. But I was sick and tired of dealing with this brand of BS and just returned to my room for a while with the door closed. I got online and soon watched 145 Days of Power Rangers (“Doomsday Part II”.. kinda like the original ending in the description better.. but they changed one part of it to do 20 more episodes.. plus we wouldn’t have gotten that epic of an intro to Lord Zedd, still my favorite PR villain ever).

With my dad in bed, I watched Men in Black: The Series (aw, out of order.. a character returns and he isn’t introduced until tomorrow’s episode :p very good episode though) and Batman Beyond (ooh, really liked this episode.. damnit :p). Eventually my dad awoke and we watched some morning TV.. but he soon fell asleep again.

I took over, got the PS3 online and installed the new Netflix 2.00 app. The version released for Canada last month was only v1.00. Both take up a mere 19MB of HDD space though.. I started off by watching 1 1/2 episodes of Rocko’s Modern Life (the half-episode I left with the previous app version that one day plus the next.. lol, classic.. and I gotta support more seasons of this.. they appear to have all of Ahh Real Monsters & Invader Zim streaming.. but only Season 1 of Rocko 😦 ). if you stop a movie or show, the app keeps track of where you left off, even between episodes. So I was able to start the half-episode where I left it easily. :p

My dad awoke and we watched Ellen.. then he soon fell asleep again.. This time, I watched an entire movie — The Men Who Stare At Goats. Kind of a crazy movie, but it was alright. Haha’s @ Ewan McGregor being in a movie with characters who call themselves “Jedi Warriors”. :p ..I then watched an episode of Saturday Night Live (Season 38, the current season.. I think the new episodes go up here a day or so after airing, neat), followed by another Rocko’s Modern Life (might as well finish the season.. eventually).

I briefly checked on my dolphys in PlayStation Home.. then returned to Netflix and watched two episodes of Hell Girl (starting where I left off in the DVRed episodes.. wished I had watched it this way from the beginning, there was a definite improvement over the IFC DVRings.. plus the “signs & sounds” subtitles were handy, IFC never included those :/ ). My dad awoke and.. thought it was Tuesday. Plus he is always surprised by how time passes so quickly.. since he sleeps through most of it. I corrected him, then we had some supper.

Next, I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, funny episode), Rules of Engagement (why is this still on? ..but anyway.. I still laughed), Two & A Half Men (rofl, censoring the swastika.. CBS are pussies), Mike & Molly (eh, still alright..) and last night’s Desperate Housewives (my dad must ask why a certain show is on a different night than usual.. all the time.. I’m just so tired of explaining it.. and he sometimes gets upset when I fast forward through commercials.. what’s up with that? ..anyway, good episode :p).

And that is pretty much it.. See ya.. Damnit, wish I could find time for the bottom links..


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