Sunday 10.17.2010 — an eventful sunday? never gonna happen.

So I awoke at about 1:30AM and got online to finish up the previous entry, then I got to watch Sunday’s 145 Days Of Power Rangers (“Doomsday Part I”, the first half of the epic former season finale.. they usually change the episode sometime after 2AM). Once I downloaded, watched.. and started the upload.. I returned to the living room and watched Twisted Whiskers Show (lol), Bleach (continues to bore me with its super-seriousness), Kekkaishi (continues to be the better of the two new animes right now.. good episode) and Tower Prep (as expected, a lot better than Unnatural History, DCAU’s Paul Dini is behind it after all.. looking forward to seeing there this goes 🙂 ).

My dad awoke at 4AM and proceeded to moan, groan and bitch like always. Overall acting like a baby. It sucks if he can’t sleep, but does he have to come in there and screw my day up too? Guess so. Gr.. I eventually fell asleep for a few hours. Once I awoke, I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (I was considering not picking up the next two highly-priced Harry Potter Ultimate Editions on Blu, but I’m now reconsidering since Target has exclusive movie money for Deathly Hallows Part I 🙂 ). Then I proceeded to waste some hours on PlayStation Home (dolphies mainly, and collecting more cauldron rewards.. the skull king head is AWESOME!).

Eventually, I got online so that my dad could watch his usual sports. Eventually, I headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Bones (good episode) and Gossip Girl (haha, crazy sheeit). We eventually had some supper.. then I wasted pretty much all night online. Finally merged some folders that I had been putting off for months and months. Maybe this time next year, I’ll finally organize my Power Rangers MP3s. :p

My dad started feeling bad and kept attempting to go to bed early, missing most of his Colts game in primetime. Only one show was on tonight, so I opted to give the night to him for his game. But oh well. I just hope he doesn’t use this as an excuse to pass on dialysis tomorrow.. At 10PM, I watched another episode of Bones (the one I missed and had to download instead.. Jersey Shore *shudders* ..Bones’ tribe-like observations of them made it a lot more bearable though :p ).

And that was pretty much it.. See ya.


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