v delayed to 2011 / troop season 2 / today

Though originally aimed to premiere in November after that Dancing With The Stars bullshit was over, ABC has now delayed the second season of V all the way to January 4th 2011. Instead, it appears some Skating With The Stars bullshit will be taking its spot. Oh, and due to weeks of specials, No Ordinary Family will temporarily head to Tuesdays at 9PM ET for November 30th to December 14th before returning to its original time to open for V on January 4th. All this shuffling just for crap reality television. UGH. -_-

BOP & Tiger Beat report that Malese Jow and Matt Shively have joined the cast of the Nickelodeon series The Troop for its second season, set to begin airing in January.. Nice to see Malese Jow back on TV. I was disappointed when her character left The Vampire Diaries.. but now she’s back on Nick where she started (remember Unfabulous?). This would make a great block with Power Rangers Samurai, in my opinion.. since it’s pretty much the only other live-action adventure show they have. :p ..No sign of David Del Rio (Felix) from Season 1 though. Aw. 😦

I stayed up late and watched Community (hahaha, product placement to the extreme.. so gawdawn annoying).. but fell asleep soon after.. I awoke the next morning and got online to watch 145 Days of Power Rangers, then eventually followed that with Twisted Whiskers Show (lol), Deltora Quest (yeah, dropping this..), Men in Black: The Series (haha, remember this episode 🙂 ) and Batman Beyond (KAAAANNE!! –ohwait, wrong show. :p).

My dad returned home from dialysis and he soon watched some Ellen and I got online for a bit.. But in the afternoon, I took over again and watched two episodes of 30 Rock (well, sorta.. east & west coast versions of the live show.. pretty good episode, the alternate parts were neat) and two episodes of Hell Girl (good episodes.. needs to get this finished.. or wait until the Netflix PS3 app on Monday and stream the rest instead of watching these IFC DVRings.. hmmm). I checked out PlayStation Home a bit (dolphy!), then eventually watched Castle (finally starting the season.. another show I held back, waiting for my dad to have time for it.. good start too).

I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had more easy microwave stuff for supper. Joy. 😐 ..In primetime, we watched Smallville (the 200th episode, so you know it’s spayshul! it took 100 episodes to [spoiler deleted] and 200 episodes to [spoiler deleted]..? haha.. great episode here, almost do not want to wait for the DVD to give it a reviewing 😉 ), The Good Guys (lol, this was a pretty good episode this week.. somewhat better than the norm 🙂 ), The Soup (lol) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (at first, I was pretty pessimistic about this episode since it all takes place at a school.. but by the end, I actually liked it 🙂 ).

See ya.


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