marvel tv developing hulk / tv pre-emptions / today

After recent news of a Wonder Woman TV series in development, Marvel Television is also looking into quite a few comic-inspired TV series — including The Incredible Hulk and The Punisher (ooh, please put that on a premium channel). The future of comic book TV shows post-Smallville appears to be looking bright. 🙂

Due to the baseball playoffs, FOX will again pre-empt new episodes of a lot of their hit series. Bones, Fringe and the four Sunday night animated comedies aren’t due to return with new episodes until November. Get all the details right here. Sucks. 😦 And don’t even get me started on all the repeats that have been scheduled for Election Night. Ugh. 😐

I stayed up pretty late last night. First, I downloaded a demo just to get a free shirt in PlayStation Home, then I used the code to get my free download of Dead Space Ignition and played it a little (not bad, three more trophies gotten too). And by about 3AM or so, I finally went to sleep.. I awoke the next morning, got online and watched 145 Days of Power Rangers (“Birds Of A Feather”.. classic episode, really liked it). And then I soon snuck onto the living room TV to check out the new items released in PlayStation Home (a cauldron that gives rewards, haha.. not liking the $15 bundle of two costumes though.. that’s very lame).

I stayed on that pretty much all morning. My dad eventually took off to the grocery store for a bit. I eventually watched Men In Black: The Series (Alpha, the recurring villain.. a rogue agent.. like animated series like this that don’t tone down everything just because it’s a kids’ cartoon.. also noticed that Tony Shalhoub voiced his character from the movie, guess he didn’t have much going on in 1997 :p), Deltora Quest (considering dropping this one now.. it’s getting a bit boring to me, eh..), Batman Beyond (ooh, good episode.. hope these don’t continue or I’ll have to spring for the upcoming Complete Series DVD set :p ) and Eastbound & Down (lol, a bit better than the latest few). And then I soon fell asleep in the latter half of Undercovers (it’s like Chuck, only all *serious business* and very little awesome.. may drop it too :/).

So yeah, I fell asleep.. long after my dad did. But he woke me up and we got into a short argument about him sleeping all the time. :p ..Eventually, my dad watched his news and I got online to news-gather. And we had some damn TV dinners for supper. Hoo-fricken-ray! -_- ..In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol, the celebrity cameos.. very nice), Shit My Dad Says (lol, pretty good this week), The Office (lol), Outsourced (lol, it’s alright I guess) and The Mentalist (the season premiere, finally.. my dad stayed up later then usual so I was actually able to fit it in.. good episode too).

I guess that’s about it.. See ya.


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