I got onto PSN.. and eventually fell asleep.. with the PS3 online all night.. But I downloaded and installed the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II demo while half-asleep and played it once I awoke in the morning. Wow. I see quite a few improvements from the first game in just this one level. Impressive. 🙂 I then watched Batman (haha.. probably never watch this again though.. after that ridiculous chase scene up the nuclear reactor thing or whatever) and Twisted Whiskers Show (lol) before getting online.

I watched the day’s episode of 145 Days of Power Rangers (“The Green Candle” was awesome, looking forward to “Doomsday” starting Sunday 🙂 ), then soon watched two episodes of Batman Beyond (thought I’d quit after the opening episodes.. but I think I’ll continue after all 🙂 ). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some Ellen.. and I fell asleep.. An hour later or so, I awoke and watched two episodes of Men In Black: The Series (this one, I was planning to stick with.. mainly because there are no DVD releases 😦 ..I’ve really missed this show, it’s on my TVShowsOnDVD list).

After that, I checked out PlayStation Home for a bit (actually tried to put one of my dolphys in a race for the first time in a while.. and failed.. then bet on the wrong dolphy too.. just can’t win) before watching Chuck (wow, very good episode this week).. and then wasting some more time on Bejeweled 2 (I did however get another trophy out of it, so not that bad really :p).

My dad woke up and immediately mentioned getting damn TV dinners out for supper. Ugh. I gave him another option — pizza. But this time we ordered Domino’s “new” pizza. We haven’t ordered from them in a while.. and needless to say my dad thought it was the best pizza he’s had in a while. Very nice idea making the crust like a breadstick.. I got online to news-gather..

And then in primetime, we watched The Middle (lol), Better With You (lol, this one needs to stay plz kthnx), Modern Family (lol), Cougar Town (continues to be slightly below mediocre IMO.. if only it hadn’t changed), South Park (rofl, ripping on Jersey Shore is awesome, that shit so sucks), Ugly Americans (Comedy Central is getting desperate with ratings for this one, with the most sexy scene of the episode being in the promo two weeks in a row *nods head in disapproval* ..I actually like the plot this week though, for once :p) and Bored To Death (lol, good show). My dad went to bed soon after Cougar Town started though. It’s a dialysis day after all.

I got a 3-month free Amazon Prime subscription, so I’ve been pre-ordering a few video games. Then I heard about getting Dead Space Ignition free with Dead Space 2 pre-order (this interactive motion comic prequel is $5 on PS Store), but I didn’t expect to get the code right after the order’s initial e-mail. Sweet. Now I just need to find the PS3 HDD space. Damn.. See ya.


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