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Here comes another show ready to be canceled, I bet. But this time it’s at The CW. Nikita is getting “solid” ratings, but not in the demographic that CW is just insane about getting — young females. And so the series has been ordered by the network to “tweak” the show in the form of “lightening the show’s somber mood and jacking up its title character’s love life”. I’m quite enjoying this show, more than almost any other show on CW right now (Smallville). But of course they have to screw it up to get all those teenage girls watching. Ugh. -_-

Sony Pictures has set the Angelina Jolie thriller Salt for DVD & Blu release on December 7th. And again, a studio is going with putting the way better cover art on a version few will actually buy to try and get some saps buying more than one copy. Good luck with that! :/

My cat woke me up fairly early in the morning. Heh. And then I found something was wrong with the DVR and eventually found out that the cable was loose. The cat goes up there and scratches. I try to keep him off there as much as possible, as the cable guy recommended. But it isn’t that easy when my dad refuses to help me out with that.. I got online and checked out 145 Days of Power Rangers (“The Green Candle, Part I”.. awesome episode, loved seeing it again 🙂 ). I got ready while my dad watch some morning TV, then we soon headed out to media buy…

I headed to Best Buy and picked up Dollhouse: Season 2 on Blu-ray.. and that was it. So looking forward to rewatching the entire series now that my first Blu-ray TV collection is complete. I of course wish that the show would’ve come back though. Just another in a long line of FOX TV shows where the network meddled and screwed everything up. :/ ..I got my icee (mtn dew + cherry = code red.. = awesome), then we got some groceries before heading home.

My dad watched some of Ellen, then I took over and watched Batman (the classic 1960s series now airing on The Hub, lol.. don’t know how much longer I’ll watch though), Transformers G1 (also on The Hub.. ah, not bad.. lol, saw a bit of GI Joe early this morning too.. COBRAAA! :p), iCarly (lol) and Big Time Rush (lol, good episode). After that, I spent some time in Red Dead Redemption (very hard to find the Jackalope that was added with free DLC today when you have no idea where to start looking.. damnit :p) and checked out PlayStation Home (I have my third dolphy now, Astronema.. haha yup, finally a female one :p).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched No Ordinary Family (continuing to enjoy this one.. Panabaker was especially good this week, mmm), Raising Hope (this was probably my favorite episode yet actually.. impressive) and Running Wilde (lol, this one felt most Arrested Development-esque so far, good one.. just hints of it, but still) and Glee (lol, good episode this week). Of course, my dad went to bed by the time that last one started. :p

Well, see ya.



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