star wars force unleashed 2 preorder bonuses / dr who in america / today

I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed recently and I have really liked it, so it has made me consider picking up Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II when its released on October 28th. And so I’ve looked up the pre-order bonuses. Amazon appears to have the most-worthwhile bonus with two exclusive challenge levels — “The Trial of Dagobah and Defending “The Core” Trial”. Neat. Best Buy & GameStop just offer playable skins. Best Buy has a red Sith Acolyte costume code on a trading card inside its copies, while GameStop features a “Maulkiller” skin (Darth Maul + Starkiller, get it?) and a silver lightsaber crystal (more like white). The lightsaber crystal that lets you take up less force powers does sound interesting, but there’s just more you can do with challenge levels. Still not sure if I’m going to get this or not though. It matters if I can still afford it by the end of the month. :p

BBC America has issued a press release revealing a detail or two about the new season of Doctor Who, and that the series will be coming to America to film for the first time for its two-part season premiere. Pretty cool. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online to check out 145 Days of Power Rangers. Usual. And then I watched Childrens Hospital (lol, especially funny episode this week), Deltora Quest (the one and only anime currently on The Hub.. probably the tamest-rated one I’ve watched it a while.. but I liked it, it wasn’t bad), Men In Black: The Series (looooved this show when I was a kid, great seeing on TV again.. thanks Hub!) and Batman Beyond (Rebirth Part 1.. no “To Be Continued”, just.. over :p very good start though.. remember watching this one back in the day too).

But not long after that, I fell asleep for a while. My dad eventually came home and watched some TV.. while I slept. I got online for a little while, then took control of the TV again. I checked out PlayStation Home for the longest time in a little while, then played some more Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (probably the last time I’ll play through it for a while.. maybe.. I had to play the other ending to the story.. two more trophies for a total of 301, yay). we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, especially good episode this week), Rules of Engagement (haha, this actually wasn’t all that bad either), Two & A Half Men (lol, really like the episodes where they just sit and talk :p), Mike & Molly (lol, improving), House (last week’s episode, a bit behind, damn.. very good episode though) and The Event (tonight’s episode.. very nice, also improving after its first few episodes).

My dad tried to sleep early on, but couldn’t. He slept through a god part of the latter two before heading to bed.. See ya.


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