iron man 2 blu dvd sales / dark skies dvd date / today

Iron Man 2 undoubtedly had a huge opening on DVD & Blu-ray last week, but now the numbers are in. The film sold 1.1 million discs on just the first day in stores, and the total by weeks’ end was just past 5 million. Wow. Plus 52% of the sales were for the Blu-ray versions. Cool. 🙂

Shout! Factory has revealed new information on their January 18th 2011 DVD release of Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series. Oh man, I’m so getting this. Cannot wait. 🙂

I got online in the morning and watched 145 Days of Power Rangers (“Island of Illusion Part I” was put online today, so I watched both parts in their proper order). Once my dad left for his hospital appointment, I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while to check out the new items. And then I watched The Vampire Diaries (sooo boooring..), Caprica (like this show, but again they leave the most exciting parts for the very end of the show.. so annoying) and Undercovers (finally started this show and I liked it more than I expected 🙂 ).

yeah, just watching random TV on the weekdays. I really want to get through some of my Blu-ray movies too, but there’s a damn glare on the TV screen most of the day. Damn sun. Hate that thing.. I played some more Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (for a few hours, it appears I’ve made it to the big finale, wow so many guys to take down all at once O_O ..and I got nine trophies today, including two I missed from the prologue level.. very close to 300 now).

We had supper and then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched The Big Bang Theory (lol, good episode), Shit My Dad Says (lol), The Office (lol), Outsourced (haha, it’s okay) and Nikita (another good episode tonight.. haha’s @ Stan Lee’s cameo as TV news eyewitness Hank Excelsior, who witnessed something “like a superhero” :p).

My dad went to bed early. Tomorrow is dialysis after all.. See ya.

[ Video: Microsoft Proposes Government Licensing Internet Access ]


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