Sunday 10.03.2010 —

I awoke rather early in the morning and downloaded/watched the day’s episode of 145 Days of Power Rangers. Then I fell asleep for a few hours before awakening.. and soon watching iCarly (lol, good episode), Big Time Rush (hahaha), Victorious (very good episode.. and hey, that teacher’s van was the same one I just saw in Big Time Rush, lol.. very nice performance at the end, about time we got another one.. lol @ the audience’s “woo” every time she said the chorus line of “tell me you love me”.. what the heck was that about? :p), Bleach (eh, not all that interesting again.. *shrug*) and Kekkaishi (liked this one more, as usual).

At about noon, my dad and I went to the grocery store and finally stocked up on some things. Yeah, he’s been feeling a lot better. Though he’s still been having problems remembering stuff. They exercised him every day in that home he was in. I tried to tell him that may be why he’s getting so weak now that he’s no longer doing that.. but.. *shrug* ..We returned home and soon got online for a while as my dad watched his usual sports, NASCAR and football. Aw, Colts lost. 😦

I soon went to the bedroom DVR and.. only fit in Gossip Girl (hehe, pretty good episode) and 90210 (the 3/30 episode, since I’m still a lot behind.. ooh, lesbians.. perhaps I’ll give this one a few more episodes >_>). Once the game was over, we had some supper. And in primetime, we watched Funniest Videos (it’s back! and more family-friendly than ever..), Simpsons (hahaha), Cleveland Show (“live” show, stupid gimmick.. the history intro was funny how it mentioned American Dad, but most of the annoying fake laugh track was not) and Desperate Housewives (haha).

My dad got ready and headed off to bed as I watched CSI Miami (eh, this was somewhat interesting.. seeing it on Sunday is going to take getting used to though), Family Guy (lol @ the opening scene.. and keeping the character killed last week dead, neat) and American Dad (lol, Superman movie reference.. should get to watching those.. and how the heck do you fit 96 people on a bus, really? :p).

And that was pretty much it.. See ya ‘gain.


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