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The Nicktoons schedule for the rest of October has been revealed… and so far, classic Power Rangers is nowhere to be found. The schedule could still change later, but.. it’s still nonetheless disappointing. 😦

News has broke that Warner Bros Television now has a Wonder Woman TV series in the works. Yay. But with David E. Kelley to write and produce? What, is she going to be a lawyer by day? *shudders* Hey, the crew behind Smallville will be out of jobs by this season’s end. Why not them? :/

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has picked up Childrens Hospital for a second (third?) season. Cooool. That show’s funny. πŸ™‚

I awoke to the text message telling me that my monthly check had been deposited. But then I soon realized that my dad never went to dialysis. I helped him set his alarm last night after a fuse shut off.. due to the maintenance guy using our electricity from an outside hallway outlet. Grrr. Anyway, I woke my dad up and he grouchily and slowly began getting ready.

But then he sat down and said that he wasn’t going because he didn’t feel very good. I told him that he didn’t feel good because he hasn’t gone to dialysis since Monday. And so over the course of the following half day we kept arguing about it. I downloaded & uploaded today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers, but definitely had no time to watch with all this going on. My dad went to sleep for a while, then awoke to get something to eat only after mentioning that he might be hungry.

We watched some morning TV, then the mail soon arrived with his new checks and small check (to deposit). My dad struggled quite a while, trying to remember what he needed to do with this check.. that he does with it every single month. He eventually got it straight that he needed to cash and deposit it. As my dad headed to the bank, I had nothing better to do.. so I watched two episodes of Human Target: Season 1 (only two episodes, why? read on.. good episodes here, really liked all the hot female guest stars this season πŸ˜‰ Grace Park & Moon Bloodgood were in these two episodes, for example..).

My dad returned home and a lot of money in his wallet. He told me.. and I eventually understood.. that he had cashed the check.. then tried to take all the money out of his bank account to pay the bills (they only allowed him to take half). Ugh. The new checks had come in the mail today. He could just use them. But of course he just couldn’t wrap his head around that. My aunt called and helped him a little, then he called his dialysis place and placed and appointment for tomorrow. I really hope he gets there tomorrow.. and doesn’t try to leave the home before that to try and get the rest of his money out of his bank, like he said he was going to do. -_-

Then I did something I’m not proud of and would live to regret. I told him that I had to go to a few stores.. to wrap up this week’s media buying.. and he did so. I watched as he drove rather poorly while among a lot of other cars. Eventually, we made it to Target. There, I picked up Superman / Batman: Apocalypse on Blu-ray (two store bonus episodes again.. and no eco case, huzzah!) and Family Guy: Terms of Endearment on DVD (banned from TV episode deserves a stand-alone release *gasp* *rolls eyes*).

I then moved on to Best Buy (where he nearly hit a car in the next lane).. and passed on Party Down: Season 2 and Scrubs: Season 9 (for now, prices a bit too high) and picked up Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for PS3 instead. I was considering going to the grocery store as well, but it was starting to get late. And so we headed home instead. And just as we were about home, it happened. My dad hit a stop sign while turning into a small street near our home. *sigh* The plastic bumper suffered minor damage, but there was a lot of paint shared. 😦

My dad shrugged it off like it was no big deal once we returned home. I got online to news-gather while my dad watched his news. A bit later, I went back out into the living room to find that my dad had lost his wallet (with lots of monies inside) and his phone. I soon found both however, the latter being in my dad’s own pocket… I ordered some pizza for supper, since I doubt he would cook correctly either.

In primetime, I watched Smallville (very nice episode this week, though next week looks better :p), The Good Guys (lol, good episode) and The Soup (lol). I fell asleep during the latter though. My dad barely watched any of it and just sat and moaned and groaned for about 90 minutes before finally trying to sleep. *sigh*

See ya.


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