pr samurai marvista licensing / red undead nightmare / today

Espio got around to uploading the video.. of MarVista’s promo video shown at Brand Licensing Europe 2010. Looks like a great promo, featuring Power Rangers Samurai sentai footage and a never-before-seen group shot of the new Rangers. I hope we can get a better version out of MarVista eventually. 😉 lol @ Disney reps coming to the booth looking for licensing opportunities. :p …In possibly-related news, Nickelodeon has picked up what could be a series to air alongside Power Rangers Samurai in 2011 — the live-action comedy Supah Ninjas. >_>

The debut teaser trailer for Red Dead Redemption‘s next DLC, Undead Nightmare, has been unleashed. It looks sooo full of win. I wants it now. :p It includes new single player gameplay, unlike past DLCs that mainly updated the online multiplayer. Zombie animals and other “mythical creatures” await as well. 🙂

I awoke i n the morning and got online for a while, checking out 145 Days of Power Rangers. And eventually we watched some morning TV.. I guess.. Eventually, I took over and got into PlayStation Home (Scion tC event with rewards that not-as-blatantly promote the product.. nice.. added the hat to my default outfit too, for now anyway.. then my dolphy came in next-to-last.. after three races in a row in 2nd.. perhaps I jinxed it? 😦 ).

And later, I finally watched four more episodes of Human Target: Season 1 (yeah, might as well watch them all now.. some very good episodes here, Jackie Earl Haley continues to nearly steal the show, and he was my favorite part of Watchmen as well.. sooo taking a break once these are over tomorrow, getting behind on TV :/ ..oh, and I’m considering getting a game soon). We had some supper, then I got online to new-gather.

In primetime, we watched The Big Bang Theory (rofl), Shit My Dad Says (lol, I suppose.. would prefer this and Mike & Molly be canned already so I can get my Monday nights back to normal), The Office (lol, good episode), Outsourced (lol), Chuck (finally watched Monday’s episode.. Old Spice guy, ew.. Lou Ferrigno, better.. saw Bronson Pinchot in the credits too, but didn’t notice him.. guess it’s been a while since Balki :p ) and Bored To Death (haha, nice start to the season.. was a bit surprised by Kristen Johnston in a dominatrix outfit. nice :p ).

And that was it. See ya.


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