human target s2 delayed / life unexpected season 1 dvd / today

Due to FOX’s cancellation of Lone Star, some TV show shuffling has been going on at the network. And that means good and bad news for Human Target. FOX has decided to push back the second season premiere almost seven weeks, from Friday October 1st to Wednesday November 17th. It sucks that we’ll have to wait even longer. But on the other hand, maybe FOX finally sees the curse of their Friday night timeslots. Many favorites of mine have come and gone from that night due to low ratings (Dark Angel, John Doe, Dollhouse.. and Firefly aired there too). And now it’ll be back on its original night in November. I hope I get to see a lot more of this series. 🙂

Warner Bros will release Life Unexpected: The Complete First Season on DVD only on January 4th 2011. I really liked this show in the first season. And I probably would have gotten this if it had been released before the new season. But now that I’ve been a little underwhelmed by Season 2 so far, I’m probably going to hold off on a purchase, at least until it drops to $20 or under in a sale.. or makes its way to Blu-ray.. *shrug*

I stayed up 3AM and got the 145 Days of Power Rangers downloaded / watched. Then I awoke in the morning and watched it again. “Green With Evil Part V” is especially good. The MegaUpload folder is now up to date with all five parts. 🙂 ..I stayed online for most of the morning, though I did see a little morning TV. I also watched Mad (haha) and Vampire Diaries (fell asleep during, heh).. before eventually getting back online again.

Another Power Rangers thread was created on the PlayStation Home forum.. and was eventually closed with no explanation whatsoever. These PlayStation forum mods are really starting to piss me off. Grr.

It was until nearly 1PM that I noticed that it was Wednesday and my dad had stayed home from dialysis. Dumbass. Now he’ll definitely have to go on Friday.. After last-minute news about Human Target‘s season premiere being delayed from this Friday until November, I was suddenly unsure about watching the Blu-ray so soon. But I went ahead and watched the first four episodes of Human Target: Season 1 anyway (this is a great show.. of course it is, it’s based on a comic book :p ).

After that, I checked out PlayStation Home just to race my dolphy (this is Xeno’s third second place win in a row now.. damnit, other dolphys!).. then my dad got some pizza for supper. I said to go to Pizza Hut because theirs are better.. and he goes to Papa John’s again (after going with Pizza Hut, these pizzas only taste half-cooked now). They both have the same large 3-topping for $10 deal and I explained that to him, but my dad just can’t get that through his self-damaged head (every time he’s not gone to dialysis and ended up in the hospital, his brain appears to have gotten worse and worse).

I got online to news-gather. In primetime, we watched The Middle (lol), Better With You (lol, like the opening segments especially), Modern Family (still overrated show IMO.. but I liked this episode), Cougar Town (I continue to be disappointed that it’s gone from being something original.. to writing very similar to Scrubs :/ *yawn*), Community (oh, totally forgot about this one.. and I see why.. that and why Big Bang Theory trampled its ass in the ratings last week.. Betty White wasn’t bad though), 30 Rock (hahaha– always felt this was somewhat overrated as well) and Glee (my dad went to bed, finally finding time to watch this.. loved all the little moments from Brittany throughout the series, so I was glad she got more than just another brief moment in this episode– she’s hot :p).

See ya.

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