I awoke early in the morning, finished the previous entry, then watched the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. “Green With Evil, Part III”. Awesome! And now I download and upload them to MegaUpload. And since I’ve made the MU folder, I’ve become very quality-controlling over the encodes. I made sure they were all 640×480, since changes it depending on your bandwidth. And now I download it twice every morning to make sure I have the best quality. Then I watch the first download all the way through. If something doesn’t look right, I check the second download. A few days ago, I downloaded an episode to about 150MB, then downloaded it again closer to 200MB. So now I’m also making sure the file sizes match up as well. :p

After some time online, I found whatever was left in the kitchen for breakfast and watched Childrens Hospital (lol) followed by four more episodes of Fringe: Season 2 (fell asleep during the middle two, ugh.. but I guess I’ve already seen everything so.. good episodes I did see though :p). My dad returned home and he watched most of the morning TV on the DVR while I got back online for a while.

But eventually, I got onto PlayStation Home and raced my dolphys (would’ve won if not for Jim777, damnit :p), then watched two more episodes of Fringe: Season 2 (great episodes, especially “White Tulip”). And after that, some more PlayStation Home (silver Heavy Rain trophy from EU.. should be in NA by now, damn).. and then two more episodes of Fringe: Season 2 (“Brown Betty”, definitely my least favorite of the season.. a storyline is moving along and they pause it out of nowhere to do this “fairy tale” type story, blah). And after that, I once again returned to PlayStation Home once my dad went to bed. :/

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, good episode), Rules of Engagement (eh), Two & A Half Men (lol), Mike & Molly (hm, a little bit better than last week) and Hawaii Five-O (well, actually I didn’t even give it a chance.. my dad had returned to bed by now and I got online for most of the time it was on *shrug*).

See ya.


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