Sunday 09.26.2010 —

I awoke in the morning and eventually checked out the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Okay, so I can get the Iron Man 2 Combo Blu-ray for $22, or pay $14 more just for a fancy (limited edition) metal case with lenticular cover..? Hmmm.. I watched Bleach (eh, okay), Kekkaishi (haha, good episode) and four more episodes of Fringe: Season 2 (good episodes today, even the last one even though I don’t usually like the “trapped in one place for most of the episode” ..type episodes).

It reached 1PM and was time for my dad’s NASCAR races. And so I headed to my room and got online for a while. I went to my bedroom DVR, but only had time for Gossip Girl (good episode) and another 90210 (from March, still considering if I should drop this one entirely and free up 4563456 space :p ). :/

We had some supper. Then in primetime, we watched Simpsons (lol, Glee cast, why not?), Cleveland Show (hahaha @ black Peter Griffin.. not wasting money on this DVD… yet), Desperate Housewives (alright episode *shrug* ..I was mainly interested in the switched-at-birth stuff which was few and far between this week :/ ) and Family Guy (their first foray into HD, congrats.. and about damn time :p ..please do more one-hour specials like this, no more carbon copy parodies of movies kthnx.. but there’s already talk of them doing Indiana Jones after their Star Wars trilogy is complete -_-).

After all that, I fell asleep.. and that was it. See ya.


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