all star superman trailer / today

SuperHeroHype has the trailer for next year’s DC Universe Original Animated Movie, All Star Superman. Wow. Looking pretty good. 🙂 But still, I wish they’d do more movies for than just the more popular characters..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while. My dad soon left on a hospital appointment, so I soon got onto PlayStation Home (damn, too many dolphys.. couldn’t get into a race this early. :/).. then watched three episodes of Smallville: Season 9 (more great episodes).. before returning to PlayStation Home (got Xeno into a race. and he won for the second time in a row! yay 🙂 ).

My dad took forever to return home.. but he eventually did.. I watched the final three episodes of Smallville: Season 9 (haha’s @ just now noticing how many times an upcoming “apocalypse” was mentioned.. no doubt referring to the villain coming up this season 🙂 ..great finale too, looking forward to the 10th and final season.. 😦 ).. and then wasted some time in PlayStation Home.

But soon, I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (rofl, so missed this one), Shit My Dad Says (lol.. not that bad so far, actually), The Office (lol.. Evan Peters.. I miss The Days 😦 ), Outsourced (lol, also not bad) and Monday’s premiere of Chuck (wow, very nice premiere.. but no Big Mike, Jeff or Lester? at least the latter two are still in the opening credit.. guess they didn’t have time to intro where they are now).

And that was about it really.. except for the 363646457452 links to follow, of course. See ya.

[ Video: ‘Nobody’s Doing Nothin’ – America Is Finished ]
[ A Timeline Of World Population Control – 90% To Be Removed ]
[ Video: 911 – Incredible Images, Original Questions ]
[ Video: A Missile Hit The Pentagon On 9-11 ]
[ Is A 9-11 Boeing 767 Still Flying? ]
[ 9-11 – Asking For Answers ]
[ Pictures Prove Mini Nukes Caused 9-11 Devastation ]
[ Video: CNN Tries To Hide Israeli 9-11 Involvement ]
[ FBI Investigated Greenpeace For Terror Links After 9-11 ]
[ Social Engineering Bill Will Force You Into The City ]
[ S-510 – The Most Dangerous Bill In American History ]
[ S-510 & Codex Alimentarius – Removal Of Nutrition ]
[ Illegal Contraband, Raw Milk! Farmers Arrested ]
[ ‘Eat Meat And Save The Planet’ Says Eco-Warrior & Ex-Vegetarian ]
[ Obamacare Even WORSE Than Critics Thought ]
[ Another Hidden Tax Outrage In ObamaCare ]
[ Video: Obamas Health Care A Scam For A War Tax ]
[ ‘I’m Exhausted Defending You’ Mom Tells Obama ]
[ Treason – House Gives Our Coasts, Great Lakes To UN ]
[ Agent Witnessed JFK Assassination Cover-Up ]
[ Australian Teen Created Twitter Worm For Fun ]
[ US Pushes Worldwide Internet Site Blocking Bill ]
[ Deadly ‘Cyber Missile’ Can Actually Do PHYSICAL Damages ]
[ Polysorbate 80 In Swine Flu Vaccine = Infertility In Humans ]
[ $1.5m First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award ]
[ Video: Morgellons Linked To Dictyostelium ]
[ The Methanol In Aspartame Issue ]
[ Video: Australia TV Exposes The Truth About Fluoride ]
[ New Nano Particles Could Provide Mega-Sized Data Storage ]
[ Is This The Secret Facility In ‘The Event’? ]
[ Amazing Horned Dinos Unearthed On ‘Lost Continent’ ]
[ ET Skull Found On Danish Island? ]
[ Video: ET Base On The Backside Of The Moon Revealed ]
[ Video: Former Cdn Defense Minister Tells UFO/ET Truth ]
[ US Nuclear Weapons Compromised By UFOs ]
[ Ilyumzhinov – ‘Chess Came To Earth From Outer Space’ ]
[ Man Who Died In Car Given Parking Ticket ]
[ Video: Human Falls From Sky And Then Vanishes ]

[ Hurricanes Steered Away From Gulf By Undersea Cables? ]
[ Video: Feds Threaten FL Man Not To Dig On Beach! ]
[ Video: Feds Try CONFISCATING More Samples From Gulf ]
[ Gulf Disaster May Be A ‘World Killing’ Event ]
[ Biologist – Oil To Wash Up For At Least 20 Years ]
[ Snorkeler Finds Submerged Oil Just Offshore ]
[ BP ‘Openly Blackmailing The US Government’ ]
[ BP Oil Coverup Now Cost Nearly $10 Billion ]
[ BP Says Oil Gone – Fires Hundreds Of Cleanup Workers ]
[ Lawsuit Charges Feds With Manipulating Oil Estimates ]
[ Eating Gulf Seafood Poses LONG TERM Health Risks ]
[ Scientists Find Areas In Gulf With ZERO Oxygen ]
[ Unknown Species Of Dead Fish Being Found ]
[ More Dead Fish Wash Up – This Time New Jersey! ]
[ State Biologist – Massive Fish Kills ‘Not A Concern’ ]


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