all-star superman / ghost rider 2 / today

Due to low sales on the non-Superman & Batman DC Universe Original Animated Movies, yet another Superman title will be the next PG-13-rated animated film in the series. Argh. All-Star Superman will be released onto DVD & Blu-ray in Spring 2011.. This series was supposed to be DC Universe, not just about Superman & Batman. :/

In other news, Ghost Rider is somehow getting a sequel.. in THREE DEE! Crazy, I know. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has just begun filming and already has a release date of February 17, 2012. :p

I awoke in the morning.. to find that my dad did go to dialysis (well, went somewhere before 6AM anyway).. then I got online for a while. Another classic episode in 145 Days of Power Rangers — “I, Eye Guy”. :p I soon watched four episodes of Glee: Season 1, then my dad soon returned home from dialysis. He was his usual grouchy self. He eventually watched some morning TV as I got online for a little bit.

I checked out PlayStation Home (my dolphy came in 7th place today 😦 ..the place was filled with all those damn AI dolphys though, gr).. then watched four more episodes of Glee: Season 1 (doubling up.. gotta get this done, then Smallvile, Fringe, and Human Target.. by the end of the month at least). I briefly returned to PlayStation Home, then got online to news-gather.

My dad some supper (real food!).. Then in primetime, I watched Medium (May’s season finale.. that I never watched.. as CBS airs it again :p), Rookie Blue (only watch for maybe ten minutes until my dad decided to go to bed -_-), Sym-Bionic Titan (I.. didn’t really liked this all that much.. I got too sidetracked after the opening scene got me inspired to return to writing my stories :p) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (very nice start to the season.. and of course I fell asleep near the end again, grrrr).

See ya.


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