voltron movie concept / last airbender dvd blu arts / tower prep date / goosebumps movie / today

JoBlo.com has revealed some concept art images for the upcoming live action theatrical version of Voltron: Defenders of the Universe. Looks awesome to me. Hope the movie ends being made. 🙂

Check out these much bigger looks at the cover arts for the November 16th DVD & Blu-ray release of The Last Airbender. Nice. 🙂

The TV series I’ve been waiting for for a while now finally has a premiere date. Cartoon Network’s new live action mystery series Tower Prep, “from creator Paul Dini (Lost, Batman Beyond) and executive producer Glen Morgan (X-Files, Millennium, Final Destination)”, will premiere on Tuesday October 19th at 8PM ET. The premise sounds a bit like Sky High (which I liked) but.. better. “Tower Prep tells the story of Ian Archer, a budding hero who wakes up one morning to find himself at a mysterious academy for teens with special abilities. Unable to find answers to his questions from the school’s faculty and cut off from any kind of outside contact or means of escape, Ian forms a secret group with fellow suspicious students Gabe Lexington Forrest, CJ Ward and Suki Sato, intent on discovering what this place is and why they are there.”

R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps book series will be hitting the big screen near you soon! Hope it doesn’t suck. Check out all the details

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, eventually watching 145 Days of Power Rangers (“Switching Places”.. going in production order again, I see). I sneaked onto PlayStation Home for a while (buying some of the awesome new items —sword!— and checking out the new Dragons Green mini-golf space). My dad woke up and he soon watched some Ellen while I got online for a little while.

I then watched four more episodes of Glee: Season 1 (more very good episodes).. and returned to PlayStation Home for a bit.. My dad just wouldn’t quite complaining about feeling horrible all day. He was like a baby all over again or something. He’s this coughing for a while now, but it’s been getting worse since returning home. It hurts this throat. And now he complaining about his knee hurting, his difficulty of getting off the couch, diarrhea.. then finally going to dialysis. He doesn’t want to go tomorrow tomorrow just because he’s felling bad. He already didn’t go on Wednesday. Ugh. I tried my best to to convince him to go. Hopefully he does.

We had some supper from a fast food place (it’s impossible for him to cook anything right now). Well, I did. I got worried when he returned with only food for me.. after mumbling something about starving himself a little earlier. But he kept saying he wasn’t hungry, even when I kept offering some of it to him. *sigh* ..I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, I watched The Vampire Diaries (I ended up liking this episode more than I expected.. nice), Nikita (second episode did not disappoint.. looking good.. after less serious roles on How I Met Your Mother and Kick-Ass, it’s nice to see some very intense acting out of Lyndsy Fonseca here.. she’s hot :p) and Lost Girl (downloaded this, a Canadian show about a succubus.. at least it isn’t more damn vampires! :p ..but I fell asleep during.. and all night :/ ).

See ya.


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