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M. Night Shyamalan’s latest big screen failure The Last Airbender will be released onto DVD & Blu-ray on November 16th. Some nice special features. I’ll most likely get it because I like the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender so much that I must complete my collection.. and I haven’t really seen the movie yet. But once I heard M. Night was signed on, I groaned and hoped the fail would not come.. but then I heard that it in fact did. Why, Paramount, why? *fake sobs*

The British Board of Film Classification website that keeps a database of rated media is a very handy place for information such as this. Sounds like Avatar: Collector’s Edition (on DVD & Blu-ray November 16th in the US) will include a 68-minute “User’s Guide For Viewing Avatar Scenes With Unfinished Shots”, a special feature showing the reported “40-45 minutes” of additional deleted scenes with unfinished special effects. Cooool. šŸ™‚

SpikeTV’s raunchy college football comedy series Blue Mountain State will begin its second season on October 20th, and a new cast member has joined — Denise Richards. Sooo looking forward to this. I really liked the first season, and may pick it up when it hits DVD & Blu-ray on October 5th. šŸ™‚

I awoke early in the morning again and soon got online for a while. I had to post the previous entry and watch 145 Days of Power Rangers as well.. Hours later, my dad got a call. His appointment had been rescheduled.. and I could go out media buying this morning after all. And so we got ready and soon headed out.

First, I headed to Target. There, I bought nothing. Want to know why? The idiots that work at the store took the Glee: The Complete First Season slipcovers off the Blu-ray so it could fit in their damn security cases. And they even tried to “fix” one of them by rather crapily moving the two stickers from the slipcover to the plastic underneath. Ugh. I asked if they had any slipcovers behind the desk, like they sometimes do, but no luck there. So I passed on it altogether. After much begging, I then got my dad to drive me out to the next nearest Target. They hadn’t done all that much better of a job. The DVDs weren’t in any security cases, but the Blu-rays were. There, they didn’t remove the slipcovers and jammed them in anyway. They all got a little fucked up due to that, but at least I could actually get one.

During checkout, I asked about price matching and he redirected me to the service desk to check out.. after removing the security case and deactivating the security thing inside. And on top of that, I had to pass an exit to get there. It was so tempting to just walk out of there (due to my past). But I didn’t want to risk it.. and I guess I want to finally support Glee after downloading all Season 1 music for free via torrent. :p Plus I ended up getting the price match I was wondering about. Yay. šŸ™‚

Next, I moved on to Best Buy. Whole new shelves! Much smaller new releases area! So confusing! For a little while anyway. :p I picked up Fringe: The Complete Second Season on Blu.. and then that was it. The register girl who’s used to seeing me on Tuesday mentioned Halo: Reach, “surprised” I’m not getting it. I told her I only have a PS3, and she said she wondered why it’s not on PS3 too. Haha. :p ..I visited WalMart and got nothing, then got my usual icee.. before returning home.

I’m noticing that it’s getting more difficult to explain things to my dad. I tell or give him something.. and some minutes later, he acts like I’m the crazy one when I bring said thing up again. He has no idea what I’m talking about. -_- ..We returned home and watched a bit of morning TV, then I got online to inventory the new discs. Whee.

But a little while after that, I watched the remaining three episodes of The Office: Season 6 (lol, especially the finale.. also watched the 23-minute blooper reel and that lol digital short.. I tried to watch the extended cut of the finale on my Target bonus DVD.. but the damn thing seems to be defective.. and it’s only these slight defects too, that the PS3 chooses to skip a lot of episode after it.. I eventually gave up and just played the regular version :/ ). I got onto PlayStation Home for a bit, then found some small things to watch on the PS3.

We had a supper of spaghetti (it’s been so long! yay! ..but my dad continues to leave the stove while cooking to sit down, sometimes overcooking.. but I guess I understand.. he’s.. tired a lot more than he used to be..), then I headed to my room a bit early and got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Unnatural History (pretty good episode.. except for the inconsistencies I noticed for some reason.. and the one teacher becoming a Snape-like character is kinda silly), America’s Got Talent (my dad watching this and acting like he had never seen these acts before… *sigh*), Parenthood (thinking about dropping this now *shrug* ..just not enough Mae Whitman) and Life Unexpected (I was really excited for this show’s return.. and wondered why Season 1 wasn’t on DVD yet.. then I fell asleep halfway through it, argh).

See ya.



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