today in three paragraphs

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then soon watched six more episodes of The Office: Season 6 (lol.. would’ve preferred the Target extended episodes on the main release, damnit). My dad returned home from dialysis, then moaned and groaned about being so weak. 😦 We watched some morning TV (Ellen‘s back! and I found it difficult to stay watching), then I eventually took over and checked out PlayStation Home (dolphy!) briefly.. before watching five more episodes of The Office: Season 6 (lol.. yup, doubling up again).

I returned to PlayStation Home again.. this time for quite a few hours. My dad fell asleep for quite a few hours. My dolphy finally became an adult and I played with him some. I also ran him in his first race. He came in.. next-to-last. 😦 Still need to raise some stats though.. My dad woke shortly before 9PM.. then said how he was going to bed. Oookay.

And so I watched Childrens Hospital (lol, especially @ the previously on), MAD (this one was a little better than last week’s episode.. “Wolver-Clean” lol ..and there was the Clone Wars spoof, making fun of how they look like wooden puppets even though that’s the intention :/ ..haha, Ahsoka Garfield :p) and Gossip Girl (season premiere! yay! and a pretty good one too.. especially for the stuff near the end 🙂 ).

That was about it though. See ya.

[ Google Damages Users’ Brains, Author Claims ]


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