Sunday 09.12.2010 — dvd blu ads sep 12-18

Check out the media ads for the week of September 12th to 18th: Best Buy & Target. Glee: The Complete First Season, which I’m actually looking forward to seeing again quite a bit, will go for $44.99 at Best Buy and $49.99 at Target (both Blu prices of course). The Target version though will include a bonus disc featuring a PaleyFest 2009 Q&A session. Hope I can get it with a price-match. :p Fringe: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray will also be cheaper at Best Buy — $45.99. No exclusive bonuses though. 😦 The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season will feature a Sheldon Bazinga! T-shirt at Best Buy. That’s rather cool, but I’ll probably stick with waiting for the DVD to go below $20 (haven’t even watched Big Bang Seasons 1 or 2 on disc yet :p).

I awoke in the morning.. and once again lost my glasses. They fall off during the night and disappear sometimes. I look and look and look.. while my dad bitches about me needing new ones. And then about a half hour later I finally find them.. in my pants pocket. :p No idea how they got there.. I got online for a while and soon watched today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. I soon look through newspaper’s ads for Tue– oh crap, forgot about that this week. *runs to top of entry*

*runs back down* So where was I? Right.. I watched five more episodes of The Office: Season 6 (lol, so funny.. the haunted house scene removed from the start of “Koi Pond” is annoying.. haha’s @ the extended & alternate version of the koi pond incident in deleted scenes though :p ). We headed out to eat breakfast at the buffet again. My dad is deciding to eat out more often because there’s more funds in his account due to his time away from home. He’s also bought a cheap new vacuum. 🙂

So I returned home and watched the remaining episode of The Office: Season 6 (the last episode of disc two, I mean.. getting lazy by watching a whole disc a day with a lot of these sets.. even though I have a schedule file to keep track of which ones to watch >_>). I got on to PlayStation Home for a little bit to check out my dolphy, then returned to my room as my dad watched his football game.. and most likely fell asleep during.

After some hours online, I went to the bedroom DVR for the first time in months and.. watched a couple episodes of 90210 (yup, WAY behind on this one.. these were from late November & early December.. and I don’t think I liked it all that much.. I got all sidetracked by.. cleaning my room up a bit for like the first time in months instead.. crazy :p).. We had some supper, then watched some crap on TV. The MTV Video Music Awards hadn’t even started yet and I felt a headache coming on as soon as Nicki Minaj’s performance started in the pre-show. Ugh.

We watched over half of the award show just to get to the Taylor Swift. It was pretty much the only thing my dad and I were interested in seeing. Great performance, btw. My dad went to sleep soon afterward, then I watched the season finale of True Blood (a little late, but could’ve been a lot later.. might as well take advantage of HBO while we have it.. wow, great finale, loved it, I’m already looking forward to Season 4.. it’s pretty neat seeing all the things before and after the episode that aren’t released with the encode online).

And that was pretty much it for the night really.. Except my fan broke in my room. Cheap peice of dollar store crap. *fans* See ya.

[ Dr Kelly’s Body ‘Had Obviously Been Moved’ – Paramedic At Death Scene ]


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