Saturday 09.11.2010 —

I awoke early in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry, and also watched 145 Days of Power Rangers – Day 3: “Teamwork”. Good times.. I followed that with two episodes of Hell Girl (still rather procedural :/).. but I soon fell asleep for a few hours. Not long after waking, I decided to started on the next of my many TV seasons on DVD.. and watched the first six episodes of The Office: Season 6 (rofl, very funny episodes.. I especially love how the deleted scenes are easily available in these sets.. and there’s so many one episode on this disc had eight minutes alone 🙂 ).

And then I checked out PlayStation Home for a while. I finally guessed correctly on the winner of a dolphin race and got the last of the four figurines I needed. They, as well as cushions you purchase, give you different styles to apply to your dolphin once he grows up and is ready to be raced.. After that, we watched my next Netflix selection — Date Night. Pretty good movie. I liked it, though no as much as expected.

I really should have said “I” instead of “we”. My dad kept falling asleep. And I ended up not having supper at all tonight. I am so fucking sick of TV dinners, and that’s the only option he offered. So I just starved all night.. In primetime, I watched iCarly (lol, good episode).. followed by Couples Retreat on HBO (again, another comedy that lacked some funny.. but I still somewhat liked it too).

..See ya..


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