I awoke at 5:30AM in the morning.. and had to wake up my dad to get him out the door to dialysis. He usually leaves at 5AM.. I got online to finish the previous entry, then I soon watched today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers on — “High Five”. Yup, they’ve finally reached Day 2 on the third day. But still, this is rather cool. Good episode today too. Kinda disappointed by the missing “Today On” though. I’ll be 356345 times more disappointed if they aren’t on the inevitable DVDs. I mean, Disney of all people were able to find them (and retard them while they were at it).. why can’t Saban? 😦

Next, I watched four more episodes of Chuck: Season 3 (great episodes, as always.. and nearing the end now..). My dad returned home from dialysis and we soon watched some morning TV. But then I watched another episode of Chuck: Season 3.. followed by a few hours spent in PlayStation Home (thanks Hudson for this new obsession in Home! ..can’t wait until my first Dolphy is all grown up and ready to race! I will have that trophy! :p).

And after that, I watched the final two episodes of Chuck: Season 3 (interesting way to present what was a two-hour finale on TV, it’s now two separate episodes but only one opening credits sequence.. then only text credits were added to the latter episode.. cool.. awesome finale too, can’t wait to see the new season now :p).. and then returned to PlayStation Home (there’s four figurines to collect that represent designs you can place on your Dolphy once he’s an adult.. I got one yesterday by betting on the winning dolphin, then two more in a row today.. just can’t get that last one, damn).

My dad got fast food for supper yet again (dialysis day, so of course).. then I soon got online to news-gather.. After much complaining over him not understanding things that I am clearly explaining to him.. we watched Nikita (wow, I really liked this show.. Lyndsy Fonseca *drools* ..oh, and Maggie Q too.. the “cold” image filter or whatever you call it looked really nice.. then I see the preview for next week and it’s all saturated colors as far as the eye can see, ugh.. the show better get a lot better to make up for that). And eventually I watched The Soup (lol).

Well.. see ya.


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