caprica s1-point-5 on 1-oh-5 / no heroes tv movie / today

After much fan complaining about Caprica taking FOREVER to return with the second half of it first season, SAI FAI has moved up the premiere date from the vague January 2011 all the way to October 5th 2010. Sweet! Check out the press release. 🙂

KSiteTV reports that the Heroes wrap-up movie is not happening. Boo, NBC, booo! That network appears to just make a flurry of bad decisions. I mean, I rarely watch any late night TV now. At least until November 8th anyway. ..Fucking bastards..

I awoke.. and then stayed online pretty much all morning. But then after the noon news, I took over and got into PlayStation Home (the new Hudson Gate space is pretty cool.. it’s like some kind of digital.. sea.. or something.. and you can vote on dolphin races.. and if you buy the personal space like I did, you can also raise a dolphin of your own to race.. pretty cool.. I have to wait five days for my dolphin Xeno to grow up before he can do anything though :p).

I then watched four more episodes of Chuck: Season 3 (more great episodes, of course.. I especially liked “Chuck vs The Beard”.. silly how they did the “driving away with someone else” plot thing two seasons in a row like that though :p ).. then returned to PlayStation Home (not much going on with my dolphin of course.. but I picked up the free PS1 ornament though.. sweet). We had extra sloppy (not enough meat, dad) sloppy joes (and that’s it) for supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, my dad watched the NFL kickoff concert thing.. then eventually just went to bed early. :/ ..I eventually watched Vampire Diaries (eh, not bad I suppose… but mainly for the stuff that happened near the end though), followed by Rush Zone: Defenders of the Core (between this and Zevo-3, they aren’t even trying to hide the commercial within anymore, are they? ugh) and.. that was pretty much it, really.

See ya.

[ Video: 9/11 Was False Flag, Hijackers Alive – Japan Democratic Party Chief ]
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[ Video: Rense & Marrs – The Big 9-11 Pentagon Lie ]
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[ Exceptional 9-11 Analysis By Prof Michel Chossudovsky ]

[ NY Man Arrested After Defending His Home ]
[ Two Multi-Billionaire Brothers Remaking America ]
[ Genetic Modified Foods – Senate Bill S510 ]
[ Farming Without A License Is A Criminal Enterprise ]
[ Green Party Seeks Ban On Fluoridation ]
[ Teflon (Fluoride) Causing Health Problems ]
[ PDF: Fluoride Forms Hydrofluoric Acid In Stomach ]
[ Video: Morgellons Linked To Dictyostelium ]
[ Tractor Lasers Move Objects Five Feet ]
[ Machine Converts Your Thoughts Into Speech ]


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