power rangers pic spam / today

I awoke in the morning and got online.. and the very first thing I hear about is the new PowerRangers.com. It’s now under control of Saban and features streaming episodes, as well as the bios, downloads and games from the previous Disney site. Cooool. I opted to edit the previous entry in order to get the word out faster about the site due to the “145 Days Of Power Rangers” event. It sounds like each episode will only be streamed for one day (24 hours) before the next episode replaces it the following day, so I thought I would give my readers a better chance to catch today’s first episode. As if we all haven’t seen “Day Of The Dumpster” 356452345 times already. :p 145 Days, all 145 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (not including Alien Rangers). This event would end on January 30th. That’s pretty close to the eighteenth season premiere in February, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

So I watched Day 1 of 145 Days of Power Rangers — “Day of the Dumpster” on the website. Perhaps the Rangers somehow knowing how to pilot their zords in this first episode has something to do with their ancestors also being Power Rangers..? *shrug* :p ..I followed that with four more episodes of Chuck: Season 3 (great episodes.. though I fell asleep during the last one 😦 ). My dad soon returned home from dialysis and was feeling all weak.. pretty much all day long.

I eventually watched that episode of Chuck: Season 3 that I fell asleep during.. but the rest of the afternoon was pretty much wasted online.. *shrug* ..We eventually.. had supper, if you can call it that. My dad was way to weak to cook anything, so he just microwaved up a few chicken nuggets for himself and that was it. I eventually did the same. *sigh* ..Then I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, we watched Minute To Win It (aww, two NFL players playing now.. *yawn*), America’s Got Talent (some I didn’t expect to get picked, some I did.. not bad) and Hellcats (pretty similar to Make It Or Break It.. and I’m really liking it so far.. just like Make It, there’s the character who doesn’t appear to fit in who is also the main character and the bitch who thrives to screw up peoples’ lives.. oh, and don’t forget all the hot scantily-clad chicks twirling and dancing around πŸ˜‰ ..Thanks Tom Welling, and all the other familiar names among the crew, of which there are many.. I just hope it doesn’t suffer the second episode slump, a dive in quality due to filming the second episode months after the pilot).

Well.. see ya.

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