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Saban Brands has now officially relaunched, with streaming episodes (all 145 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, one per day).. and all of Disney’s old downloads, bios and games. It’s already nicer than the flash-intensive old IMO.. There’s also an image of flaming kanji, promoting the new season coming in early 2011, and an announcement that you’ll soon be able to “follow the Rangers” on Twitter & Facebook. Nice. 🙂

I awoke pretty early in the morning again, then got online for a while to waste some of that time. But soon, we got ready and headed out to media buy…

Told ya it’d be a huge month. Easily over a $100 here. >_> Luckily, next week, there’s only two more TV seasons.. then two more.. Anyway, I headed to Best Buy and picked up Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season (on DVD, since I have all eight previous seasons on the format :p ..Best Buy’s t-shirt is packaged with some copies and it dents in the slipcover a bit in the back 😦 ) and Chuck: The Complete Third Season (on Blu-ray! Newer show, so it gets a Blu purchase.. I have Season 1 on DVD though, so I’ll eventually have to repurchase that on Blu too once it hits a good price). I passed on The Office: Season Six here though. Their exclusive items are a “montage footage” bonus disc and another T-shirt — “That’s What She Said”. Tempting for the latter, but I moved on nonetheless. :p

After my icee, I moved on to Target and picked up The Office: Season Six on DVD there (again, all previous five on DVD.. so DVD again). I’m keeping it packaged for now though, until I make sure about the contents of other bonus disc. :p But a little later, I hear that an episode on the DVD is edited — “Koi Pond”. The Halloween haunted house opening segment has been removed. Ugh. -_- *illegally downloads said episode* ..After that, we headed home.. My dad watched some news while I got online to inventory these new discs.

My dad fell asleep again, so it was easy to take over the TV. I watched the first four episodes of Chuck: Season 3 on Blu-ray (great episodes, enjoying them all over again.. and thanks WB, for adding a main menu to your TV Blu-rays.. this time last year, I had to use the pop-up menu while the disc’s first episode started playing to get to the episode I really wanted to start, with Chuck & Fringe.. there’s a “Play All” option, but if you select an episode, it just automatically plays the following episode after it anyway :p ). I got on PlayStation Home for a bit.. and nearly fell asleep again.

We soon had some supper.. and my dad fell asleep yet again.. I got online to news-gather. Oh, hey look, someone finally suggests my dream costumes for PlayStation Home (guess!) and the thread is quickly closed. Then I took the discussion to where the mods think its supposed to be…

In primetime, we watched Minute To Win It (eh, I’m still so tired by this sho– oh, NFL cheerleaders *watches most of it* :p) and America’s Got Talent (good performances, especially the ones near the end 🙂 ). Rather uneventful night, really. :/

See ya.

[ Iran – Barred UN Inspectors Gave False Info ]
[ White House Says Oil Gone – Fishermen Know Otherwise ]
[ Video: Gulf Residents Blood Tests – Benzene, Hydrocarbons ]
[ Salvaged WTC Steel To Stand At Museum Entry ]
[ Asteroid Strikes Colombia – American Media Buries It ]
[ Ninth Human Foot Found On Pacific NW Beach ]


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