I awoke pretty in the morning to one of my dad’s coughing fits. *sigh* My dad claimed he wasn’t feeling very well and eventually passed on going to dialysis without calling in. But hours before, he muttered a complaint about the only holidays they get off from dialysis are Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I dunno.. I got online for a while.

A few hours later, I took over the TV and watched the final seven episodes of Heroes: Season 4 (there were a lot of things I didn’t like about this season.. but that series finale episode was still rather good.. was a bit surprised by creator Tim Kring’s 4-minute intro to it once I selected the episode.. he mainly talked about his time making the show and bookended it with the fact that the series was canceled, but that the universe will continue in one form or another.. eventually :/ announcements yet though 😦 ).

After some time online, I spent a little time in PlayStation Home (playing the Ice Breaker game in the Bowling Alley.. brought back a lot of memories..since I haven’t been there or played the game for months :p).. I followed that with Warehouse 13 (ha, very good episode) before getting online for a while.. to news-gather.. a lot earlier than usual because my dad just had to see the ending to that sham telethon. Tradition, perhaps?

In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (some.. episode.. lol @ how Ashley presented herself to Ricky in the bed.. all completely non-sexy.. damnitdamnitdamnit :p ..not to mention the abrupt “cheating” reveal.. “oh no, he cheated on you when you were completely apart, that’s HORRIBLE” *rolls eyes* ..and yay, don’t have to deal with this show for a while since it’s the summer finale :p). soon followed by MAD (the skits are hit-and-miss but it wasn’t that bad I guess.. “CSiCarly” was miss though, very miss), Futurama (lol, good 100th episode) and then a couple episodes of South Park (the 200th & 201st episodes.. epic ones these were 🙂 ).

Soon after that, I returned to my room.. Well, see ya.

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[ BP Disaster Costs Hit $8 Billion ]
[ Up To 90% Gulf Oysters Dead In One Reef Sample ]

[ The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues ]
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[ New Obama / Soetoro Executive Order – Court Martials ]
[ Obama Stops Americans From Buying Old Rifles ]
[ DHS Working To Take Guns From Vets ]
[ US Soldiers Pull Video ‘Prank’ On Iraqi Motorist, Plant Grenade In Car ]
[ Dangerous Defeatism Takes Hold Among US Elite ]
[ International Backing Grows For Globalist Bank Tax ]
[ JP Morgan Creates Silver Out Of Thin Air ]
[ Mass Chemtrail Over Vancouver Island Area ]
[ ISPs Pull Plug On ‘Anti Semitic’ Website ]
[ Now EU Trade Chief Accused Of ‘Anti-Semitism’ ]
[ Video: Cops Taser Boy With Broken Back 19 Times ]
[ Video: Cop Tasers 14 Year Old Girl In Head ]
[ Why Not Brushing Your Teeth Can Kill You ]
[ Ex-Egg Farm Workers Say USDA Ignored Complaints ]
[ 100’s Of Pentagon Perverts Order Child Pornography ]
[ Pentagon Won’t Probe Child Porn Purchases ]
[ How To Molest Children Manual Legal Say Cops ]
[ Invisibility Cloak Made Of Glass ]
[ New Stealth Nano-Paint Makes Planes ‘Radar-Proof’ ]
[ New Zealand Quake Rips New Fault Line Across World ]
[ Earth On Verge Of Another Mass Extinction? ]
[ Video: Cashing In On 2012 Doomsday ]


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