Sunday 09.05.2010 —

I awoke in the morning from another dream. But this time.. I dreamt that I was updating my PSN account. And there were a lot more features.. I wish there were a lot more features. :p ..Anyway. First, I watched this week’s five episodes of Hell Girl (wow, same premise just about every episode.. and I’m now 10 episodes in.. into the first of three seasons?! wow, it seems some Japanese like lazy TV too like us USians *coughCSI*cough*).

I looked through the newspaper for Tuesday, then watched Kekkaishi (“…six or seven years ago”.. he doesn’t even know when he left home? :p .alright episode though), Bleach (yay, humor.. really liked this episode.. it seems this show is best when its light-hearted, at least IMO.. too bad it doesn’t happen more often though) and four more episodes of Heroes: Season 4 (ooh, I so wanna get this over with :p ..and not just because there’s three seasons coming in on Tuesday :p ). I followed that with Make It Of Break It (finally, right? ..OMG, awesome episode.. and it’s the finale too, damnit :p ..if there wasn’t so many releases this month, I’d finally go and buy this show on disc ASAP to support it and all).

I got online for a while.. and that while ended up being all damn afternoon, evening and night. We had supper in there somewhere (another TV dinner.. getting so sick of them), and I also listened to Now 34 and Now 35. Yes, I was a bit behind. And 34 had a lot of crap songs on it. :p 35 is actually pretty damn good though. A lot of good songs there. Only had to press “skip” like twice (Justin Bieber, yuck). :p

I also read all of the first volume of Scott Pilgrim. That was pretty cool. I liked it. Perhaps I’ll buy that too eventually.. *goes looking for a torrent* >_>

Weekend over already? Damn.. Well, see ya.


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