Saturday 09.04.2010 —

I awoke to finish the previous entry.. but then I fell asleep and had this weird dream. It started out okay (free Power Rangers stuff? Thanks! even though it was only old VHS tapes when I no longer have a VCR).. but then by the end, it was closer to a nightmare. My extended family found my twitter and became all nosy about my life, trying to change me.. into some Christian “Stepford” person. Always happy, no matter what happens. It was a bit scary. But luckily, I woke myself up.. and that was it. *phew*

I soon took over the TV and started Heroes. I though my dad had gone to bed, but he was out paying the cable bill. He returned with good news.. hopefully. We were being charged too much on our cable bill (over $140/month!). I hope the bundle I said yes to wasn’t just a ploy to jack it right back up, or that crap’s gone. My dad gave me $20 back that I no longer needed to spend on the cable, then he felt like going out to celebrate. We went out to breakfast at a buffet. Yay. 🙂 ..But once I returned home, I had to get those four episodes of Heroes: Season 4 out of the way (I liked the blind woman, wished they had done more with her than what they did.. good episodes). My dad slept for most of that, then we headed out to the grocery store for some things.

Soon after returning home, we watched my next Netflix selection — The Back-Up Plan. Okay, okay. No more romantic comedies.. after the next one (even though it appears to be more comedy than romance.. Date Night). This movie was alright. I liked it for a rental. It was pretty funny. Just watch me regret not buying Date Night though. :p ..We had a late supper, then I soon got online.. for what ended up being the rest of the night.

It took a whole day of uploading, but I finally updated my Power Rangers download folder on MediaFire with some new comic book files. Some I chose to delete and re-upload.. mainly just to get the filename credits right. :p The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series now appears to be complete (two Hamilton volumes, one Marvel), as well as MMPR Saga (a comic retelling of the TV series story). And I also now have a much better version of Power Rangers Zeo #1. I’ve also opted to share a short text file (of a RangerBoard post) explaining some things that would have happened if the series had continued. I really wished they had continued that story. It was pretty cool. 🙂

I still remember the day I picked up Hamilton’s MMPR #1 way back in 1994. Good times.. See ya.


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