avatar collector’s edition blu dvd / today

Blu-ray.com reports that a release date has been revealed for the Avatar: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray & DVD releases — November 16th. The discs will include a new extended cut that will add an 16 additional minutes to the film, including an intro scene that takes place on Earth. There will also be another 45 minutes of rough footage available with unfinished special effects. Double dip time! Don’t know If I’ll triple dip though. The 3D Blu-ray sounds to be out later this year too, but only with purchase of a 3D TV. Blah. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online.. pretty much all morning.. as my dad watched his morning TV repeats. Ugh. -_- ..After the noon news, I finally took over and got onto PlayStation Home for a bit (Move Event Space is way worse in the US, as expected.. so many people playing the game are so clueless, ugh.. you have to work together with others to get the rewards, and that’s virtually impossible).

After giving up on that for a bit, I watched the near-two-hour series finale of Lost: Season 6 (“The End” is about 104mins and the new epilogue is another 12, so yeah.. damnit epilogue, re-opening the story for a sequel project that’s probably never going to happen.. shit 😡 ..than I looked though all the special features.. lol @ bloopers.. the “Letting Go” documentary on the Best Buy Blu bonus disc was rather nice). I got rather angry when I realized how I had been shafted by Disney with this quick switcheroo of the bonus discs. They changed the bonus disc to pretty much an exact copy of the bonus disc in the Complete Series set.. but only for the Blu-ray. The DVD still has the original bonus DVD with much less content but it’s much more rare since it’s available nowhere else. I’ve made sure to get any bonus disc every time with every season, so I’d have the most complete collection for this series. I even returned Season 4 and repurchased it at WalMart because the store the bonus DVD was available at had changed for that season. And now after all that, they pull this last-minute change on the very last season and don’t even change the cover to reflect it. Grrrr. 😡

I returned to PlayStation Home and had no more luck at the Move Event game due to other users, adding a bit to my pile of anger.. I finally gave up and got online to news-gather.. My dad watched his football game for a while, then we watched Rookie Blue (good episode.. wow, two-hour finale next week :p). And I watched The Big C (another very good episode 🙂 ). But that was about it.

See ya.

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