I awoke in the morning, got online. But soon, I watched the final two episodes of Persons Unknown (good episodes.. though they sorta lied when they said everything would be revealed by the finale.. open ending for Season 2, argh.. and not a very good one either). The cable guy showed up, replaced my modem with one that had a couple phone hookups in back, then took off again. My dad returned home and we watched some morning TV. I then got online.

Eventually, I got the PS3 online (with the new modem, I had to remove the battery so that I could switch it from PC to PS3 though :/ ). But then I watched four more episodes of Lost: Season 6 (especially good episodes today, leading up to the finale tomorrow.. can’t wait to see that one again, and delve into the special features as well 🙂 ).. then got on PlayStation Home for a little bit. But soon, I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, I watched Unnatural History (because my dad was still asleep.. good episode, heh).. then we watched America’s Got Talent (well, I watched most of it anyway). After that, I just returned to my room for the night.. and watched some Power Morphicon 2010 videos. 🙂

I’m thinking about getting the Lost: Via Domus video game, because I’m craving more Lost. And Amazon has it for VERY cheap (PS3 of course). :p ..See ya..

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[ Docs Brawl Over Woman In Labor – Baby Damaged ]


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