Saturday 08.21.2010 — pr2011 & krdk cast on nick’s victorious

I’ve gone from writing my own episodic stories.. to only writing this blog.. and now I’m finding my twitter more important. My brain cells must be slowly dying. That’s why I never minded mentioning here that Felix Ryan has been cast as the smaller half of the Bulk & Skull-like duo of Skinny Mack & Big Jack for the still-untitled eighteenth season of Power Rangers premiering on Nickelodeon in spring 2011.. Felix Ryan as well as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight‘s Stephen Lunsford will appear in this Friday’s new episode of Victorious, airing at 8PM ET on Nickelodeon. 🙂 ..Perez Hilton will also cameo.. whoever the heck that is..

I awoke early in the morning and got online to post the previous entry. But then I watched two episodes of Degrassi TNG (Wednesday & Thursday.. very good episodes), Make It Or Break It (great episode.. stupid bitch just cannot stop, can she? :p ..yeah, it’d get boring if she did..), Man v Food (had to watch once I heard there was an Indianapolis episode.. and that first place is rather close to me 🙂 ) and two episodes of Melissa & Joey (first two episodes.. eh, it was okay.. I guess.. don’t know if I’ll keep watching though). I got online for a while and we had some breakfast. And then I watched last night’s Big Time Rush (haha, good episodes.. a bit more goofy at times than usual :p ).

After some more online time, I watched today’s two episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (hmm, I actually liked the new effects for Uncle Howard turning invisible near the end of “Dark Warrior”.. and the Ranger pose with the lightning bolt behind them during “The Rockstar” looked pretty cool.. final two episodes for broadcast TV next week, on the anniversary of the series premiere in 1993.. and the first of the two is the 2000th airing of a Mighty Morphin episode.. crazy coincidences).. then got online again.

We went out to a few stores and bought some things, then returned home and watched Rookie Blue (another very good episode, liking this show.. now all caught up too) and Haven (lol, stuffed animals coming alive :p). But near the very end of the latter, I fell asleep briefly.. We had some supper (real supper!), then I got online yet again for a little while.

And when I mean a little while… I mean the rest of the night. Nothing much else happened. Well.. see ya.



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