I awoke in the morning to the knocking of my dad’s dialysis driver once again.. at 5:30AM. I ignored him and headed to my room to get online though. My dad just doesn’t want to be driven, I guess. My dad made sure to leave early so that he would miss him. Heh.. After some time online, I had some breakfast and watched the final eight episodes of Power Rangers SPD (I would’ve preferred the team-up still be two parts with both being direct-to-video instead.. but oh well.. but instead, we get two separate episodes that barely showcase the previous team at all.. and the latter one is rather difficult to place within the season chronologically 😦 ..I liked the A-Squad revelation that went all the way back to the first episode, as well as Grumm’s somewhat retconned material stealing throughout the season.. the finale was very rushed though, it would’ve been nice to cut a less important episode for a Part 3 to the finale.. barely had time to think about one event before another one happened :/).

The TV on DVD season is starting, where a lot of previous seasons are released before the new seasons start. And I’ll be buying quite a few of them and watching before their new seasons. So I definitely won’t have time for Power Rangers Mystic Force now until at least October. I really want to hurry and get to the awesome Power Rangers RPM, at least before the new season next year. And I want to get these subpar Disney seasons out of the way first, so I might try fitting in two seasons in a row.. Can’t wait to start Dexter on Monday. πŸ™‚

I got online to wait for the Subway contest thing for a while. And when I say a while.. I mean hours. The link is posted sometime between 11AM & 3PM. And they didn’t do it as quickly as yesterday. And in the end, I missed it. Spent four hours online for nothing. lol. :p I then wasted the rest of the afternoon in PlayStation Home (the rest of the gamescon event space items picked up.. I like the Move controller ornament too πŸ™‚ ).

I got online to news-gather, and we eventually had pizza for supper (my dad still refuses to cook most days, even on non-dialysis days.. I just don’t think hot pockets are a suitable supper -_- ..I can only work the microwave, so options are limited). In primetime, I eventually watched two episodes of Degrassi TNG (Monday & Tuesday, haven’t watched these all week 😦 ..good episodes though), another Rookie Blue (another good episode), The Hard Times of RJ Berger (with the scope of the story, I was starting to expect a two-parter, especially since next week’s the season finale already.. but I surely wasn’t expecting a “to be continued” moment like that, omg! O_O) and The Soup (lol). My dad went to bed early again, as usual..

Well… see ya.


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