comedy central oct / toda–i won!

Comedy Central has issued a press release, revealing that South Park & Ugly Americans will return on October 6th at 10PM ET to finish out their current seasons. Also, the new series Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time (which sounds promising) will premiere the following Tuesday, October 12th. Looking forward to these, but mostly South Park of course. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online, but eventually took advantage my dad falling asleep and got onto PlayStation Home for a few hours. The last of the Star Wars items (for now) were released today, including a “Han Solo in Carbonite” ornament.. for $2.99. I did buy it though. *shrug* I also bought a couple of the gamescon 2010 items (Move controller totem, haha) and got the free Subway shirts (please do more free non-video-game-promotional clothes like this.. I wanna make a “sell out” outfit lol :p ..all have been torso so far though, including Mountain Dew & Slurpie hoodies 🙂 ).

We watched a bit of morning TV, then I got online for a while.. waiting and watching for the first Subway “Fire Drill” to pop up on Twitter. A link is posted sometime during 11AM-3PM ET and the first 75 people to click win. I pounced on it right away due to my experience with twitter and won LittleBigPlanet 2. Awesome! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. The game isn’t even released until November 16th, but Subway promised the winners would get the game before its in stores. They claim the classic “8-10 weeks” thing, but that would still be a whole month pre-release. Hmm. I was wanting to get the Ratchet & Clank Amazon pre-order costumes. I hope I can find another way to get them now..

Soon, my dad and I headed out to the grocery store for some fewd. Upon returning home, I had another one of my weak spells. And before that, I was getting rather hungry due to not having any supper the night before and not having much for breakfast this morning either. And so I ate some thing as a late lunch, then watched five more episodes of Power Rangers SPD (“SWAT”.. shudders* great new suits, bad episodes.. “Katastrophe” was definitely my favorite of these episodes.. really wished KatRanger would have at least stuck around for an additional episode or two.. her cat-like hissing was kinda hawt :p ..though I didn’t like the “throwaway morpher” thing it and the following episode brought up :/).

After that, I finally watched The Boondocks (rofl, awesome season finale.. soo.. well, season finale-worthy :p ..I’ve got to see this one uncensored.. I swear there were 4674736345 bleeps :p). My dad was bitching about seeing the news at 6PM, so I let him watch that while I got online to news-gather.

Again, not much on in primetime. I let him watch his Colts football game, though he didn’t care as much for it because it was the preseason.. where they always lose.. At 9PM, we watched two more episodes of Rookie Blue (more very good episodes, really liking this show.. a bit disappointed when Missy Peregrym’s shirt finally came off and there was a sports bra underneath.. dangit :p ), then I eventually returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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