I awoke in the morning, then soon watched five more episodes of Power Rangers SPD (actually enjoyed the episodes today, mainly the two-parters of “Shadow” & “Wired” 🙂 ..”Perspective” up for tomorrow ..ah crap.. :p). My dad returned home from dialysis. He again didn’t wait for his ride and drove himself. Heh.. We had a late breakfast, then I eventually got online for a bit. In the afternoon, I wasted many hours in PlayStation Home (drink after virtual drink in the Sodium Hub, getting my avatar drunk :p) before heading to Red Dead Redemption (more online multiplayer.. no, I don’t want to invade gang hideouts and shoot a bunch of non-player characters with you people.. I’ll go out and pick flowers instead :p ..though I did hunt some animals too).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (yeah, let’s talk onscreen for an hour while all the exciting stuff happens offscreen! ..but that’s every week on this show.. haha @ the two cases of the same thing occurring twice to two different people.. oh, and the ending.. nice!) and two episodes of Rookie Blue (more DVR to catch up with now that my dad’s back home.. good show, so I kept the episodes for him.. good episodes too.. Missy Peregrym *drools*).

And that was pretty much it really.. See ya.

[ Video: Seafloor Cracking Open ]
[ Video: Shrimpers Find Buried Oil On Sea Floor ]
[ Video: Feds Rely On BP To Report Sea Bed Anomalies! ]
[ Deep Sea Creatures ‘Congregating On The Surface’ ]
[ Video: Underwater Oil / Corexit Plumes Hit Beaches ]
[ Video: Cancer Risk Increases As Oil Breaks Down ]

[ Dr Ed Ward MD – Mini-Nukes Were Used In WTC On 9-11 ]
[ Obama – All In The Company – Part I ]
[ Obama Wants Access To Internet Records Without Court Review
[ Internet Kill Switch Bill Moves Closer To Senate Vote ]
[ Public Enemy Number One – The American Press ]
[ Confidence In Newspapers & TV News Remains A Rarity ]
[ Only 20% Believe Dr Kelly Committed Suicide ]
[ Dr Kelly Was On Hit List Says UN Weapons Expert ]
[ A Sampling Of Suppressed Technologies ]
[ The Island That Came Out Of Nowhere ]
[ Seals Wash Up With Mysterious Injuries ]
[ Proposition 8 – Our Nation Is Run By Judges ]
[ California – No Gay Marriages Pending Appeal ]
[ The Race To Make First 3D Porn Movie ]
[ Thieves Use Breasts To Distract Victim At ATM ]
[ 13 Year Old Struck By Lightning On Friday The 13th At 13:13 ]


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