Sunday 08.16.2010 — *spd ranger is tossed* WHOOOOOAAAA! “…”

In order to get a lot more things done, I decided to try and stay awake all night. While downloading something, I watched The Troop (lol, good episode.. I noticed the hallway scenes were more brightly lit than normal.. then light came up in the plot and and I was all “oh ok” :p @ next week’s episode, already the season finale ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ), Kekkaishi (not bad, particularly the latter half) and five more episodes of Power Rangers SPD (good episodes, I suppose.. “Idol”, especially.. but there’s just something about the fight scenes in this series especially early on that are just.. blah.. to me.. it just seems like my brain shuts off until the next scene where the plot starts again :p ).

My dad awoke at 5AM and randomly bitched at me about my legs possibly going bad again. If they do go bad, it’d be his fault. He’s the one who pulled me out of physical therapy and refused to go anymore as soon as we got those temporary things that all now too worn out. :/ ..I struggled to stay awake during the latter two Espidee episodes.. then I finally slept at about 6:30AM or so.. I awoke as it neared 11AM, we had some breakfast, then we watched two episodes of The Good Guys (hahaha, very good show ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

After that, it was almost time for my dad’s football and NASCAR race to start. I got online and wasted time all afternoon. I was surprised when it took longer than expected for my dad to doze off during them. He awoke and they were already over.. We soon had some supper, then we watched Kick Ass on Blu-ray. Yup, told ya I’d watch it again. And I wanted my dad to see how awesome it was. But I should have remembered he only likes “realistic” movies now, so he only said it was “different” and fell asleep for parts of it. I was somewhat surprised to find that I enjoyed it all over again. Usually I wait a while for TV & movies to feel more new to me before watching them again.. Looking forward to Scott Pilgrim to be the next big movie I say is awesome, then no one replies because everyone knew that months ago when they saw it in theaters. :p

After that, we eventually watched The Good Guys (summer finale.. and what a great finale it was.. very good episode.. Lola Glaudini *drools* ..must admit, hotter here than in Persons Unknown :p) and The Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff (somewhat less “written for” material than before, so yay.. funny stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ ). My dad headed off to bed before it was over (dialysis tomorrow, after all).. then I eventually headed to my room as well.

See ya.


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