Saturday 08.14.2010 —

I stayed up pretty late last night even after my previous entry was complete, mainly uploading some new PlayStation Home pictures. The new Boba Fett costume is awesome! 🙂 Check out other new images in my photobucket, including photos of the new PlayStation Movie event space only in EU Home right now. :/

I didn’t fall asleep until after 3AM, yet somehow awoke at around 9AM.. only partly due to the cat laying down on me. :p We soon had some breakfast, then I watched the first five episodes of Power Rangers SPD (I wish I could watch more to get this over with faster.. but at the same time, I think this is about as much of this season that I can take in one day, haha.. I’m watching all seasons over again and in order, so I must continue.. as I stated on twitter, the cast and theme song was great, as well as Greg Aronowitz’s contributions.. but the series plot leaves a lot to be desired IMO).

My dad took off to the grocery store again, and I passed on going again.. even though I really wanted to. Damnit. I got online for a bit, then watched today’s two episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (“Wheel of Misfortune” & “Peace Love And Woe”.. oh noes, a huge wheel! we need the ultrazord! lol.. and in the second episode, even Billy’s love interest wore blue.. wow :p ..between this and all the Ranger parents wearing their colors later i n the season.. crazy :p ). Then I got online some more.

Soon after that, I was really wanting to watch a movie. But as usual, I decided not to once my dad said he was going somewhere else soon. And so I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for a little while. He dad left and came back, then eventually fell asleep.. But then I fell asleep for some hours too. :p

I awoke and continued in PlayStation Home for a bit, then got into online multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption. Double XP weekend. Awesome. Except when you’re me and have a lot less time to play games during the weekend.. due to my dad wanting to see his various sports crap. We had some supper, then I went ahead and played right up to 11PM.. even though my dad bitched and wanted to watch something else. He saw his 11PM news though as I got back online. *shrug*

Well.. see ya.


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