persons unknown disappears from tv / today

TheFutonCritic reports that Persons Unknown just finish its run in time. so what is NBC’s plan? Premiere an episode of the story-arc-heavy drama series exclusively on the network’s website, of course! *grumbles* The series return one week from tomorrow night on August 21st with the 10th installment, then the 11th episode will pop up on the NBC website soon after. And then the two-hour (two episode) season finale will air the next week August 28th. Ugh. *rolls eyes* -_-

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry. So my dad drove himself to dialysis this morning, even though I thought arrangements were being made for a different option. Hmm.. I soon watched the final five episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 2 Vol 2 (woohoo, very good end to this season with the slight cliffhanger for the next 🙂 I start Power Rangers SPD in the morning! and Warehouse 13 (wow, good episode.. liked those hacking ego scenes, lol). My dad eventually returned home from dialysis.. but refused to sleep due to the almost total lack of food in the house.

He wanted to go buy more. I considered going.. but in the end.. I fell asleep. :/ He returned home with only some 2-liters and some can food for the cat. I guess the heat out there was just too much for him. I got online for most of the afternoon.. and wasted it there.. I eventually gave up on getting the PS3 online and got online to news-gather instead. We had some fast food for supper.. that my dad couldn’t keep down. 😦 ..Then I got online again..?

In primetime, my dad slept (finally) while I watched True Blood (finally fit this in.. great episode too, hoootttttt final scene *drools*).. eventually followed by The Whitest Kids U Know (rofl, very funny episode this week 🙂 ) and The Soup (lol). Then I had to check the mail at 11PM.. before returning to my room for the night.

Type ya.

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