human target press / cw hill lux crossover / supernatural anime / today

FOX has issued a press release for the second season premiere of Human Target, now delayed a week to Friday October 1st at 8PM ET (but still opposite Smallville 😦 ). Beware the slight spoilers for said episode though…

The CW his now planning a crossover event between One Tree Hill & Life Unexpected during this coming season. On the October 12th episode, two characters from One Tree Hill take a trip to Portland and show up on Life Unexpected. I don’t care for Hill at all, so I’ll just keep watching the great Life unless some characters from its show appear on Hill as well. And as long as this boosts Life Unexpected‘s ratings to a level it deserves, I’m fine with it. :p

The CW’s hit series Supernatural is now an anime series.. from Warner Bros. Big surprise there. :p Supernatural The Animation will be hitting Japanese DVD & Blu-ray shelves starting early next year. Plus TV series stars Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that they even will be dubbing their characters’ voices for two of the series’ 22 episodes. :p Click here for details and a teaser trailer.

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while.. like I do just about every morning. :/ But eventually, I watched The Boondocks (lol, crazy episode) and Childrens Hospital (lol.. end of Season 2.. they turn Megan Mullally into Eva Longoria and the guys boo, lol.. and as expected, she’s back to normal in Season 2.. ooh, Lizzy Caplan next season.. Aug 22nd, yay 🙂 ).. and eventually returned online. But soon, I watched five more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 2 Vol 2 (more very good episodes, of course).

After some more time online, I returned to the PS3 and played a little ModNation Racers (leveling up a bit in some XP races.. nice) before setting out into the woods to hunt some bears in Red Dead Redemption (trophy says kill and skin 18 bears.. and I’ve already made it halfway there.. it was pretty fun going out into the virtual woods.. and shooting just about anything that moves.. even funner when I find higher ground that the bears can’t get to and just pick them off one by one.. then collect their fur in the morning :p ..before I picked higher ground though, I had some good luck on the ground as well.. until two bears teamed up and killed me, lol).

I got online to news-gather by about 7PM. In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (wow, so many scoff & eye roll -worthy moments in this politically correct show.. but that’s probably why I watch it) and tonight’s Degrassi TNG (the main plot’s pretty good and all — including the subtle product placement — but I’m really more curious in how the MMORPG plot’s going to end up.. who is LoveQueen6_? :p ).

And that was it. I didn’t really care to watch much. Too depressed. I’m beginning to run low on some groceries, but don’t feel like going out anywhere. Just leave me in here alone to become the ugly troll I’m halfway to becoming. I keep forgetting to call my dad during the day. He forgets my phone number, even though it’s rather easy to remember. I haven’t even talked to him for perhaps a week now. But perhaps there isn’t a point if they plan to keep him in that damn place forever. First, my mother was taken from me.. along with my voice. And now my dad’s been stolen from me as well. What’s the point anymore, without any true human contact whatsoever due to a traumatically-created mental defect? *sigh* See ya.

[ Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama’s Political Dynasty Crashes And Burns ]


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