Sunday 08.08.2010 —

I awoke pretty early in the morning due to a bad dream that I don’t want to go into.. then got online for a little while. I then watched two episodes of The Troop (the recent new episode that I missed finally re-aired.. on TeenNick :p ..rather good episode too, though not as good as yesterday’s new episode.. I guess Nick’s promotional title of “Who is Dr Cranius?” was more out of surprise, like mine, when I realized the evil mastermind was voiced by Kelsey Grammar, haha nice), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (wow, good episode.. but that last one for a while.. ugh 😦 ), Kekkaishi (nice episode) and first four episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 2 Vol 2 (pretty good start to the second half of the season 🙂 ).

Once all that was over, I made my way back onto the internet for a while.. looking for groceries on Amazon due to my new “shut-in” status. They actually sell milk, and this particular product has nothing but very odd reviews. Wow. lol. :p Not to mention it costs a fortune, of course.. I also didn’t know that Rice Krispies Treats cereal still existed. I haven’t seen any around here in ages. Miss it. 😦 Then I look among grocery bestsellers and see it filled with virtually all diapers and coffee. Coffee and diapers. WTF? lol. :/

But eventually, I went to the PS3 and spent some hours in PlayStation Home (Clone Trooper with a Lightsaber.. yup, that was me.. at least it makes more sense than my Predator-with-Lightsaber avatar :p).. and then played some hours of Red Dead Redemption (a few things left incomplete, followed by some work toward some trophies.. not bad). I also watched Wild Child over on ABC Family (the Ben Hur moment almost made my eyes roll right outta my face >_> ..but it was alright overall *shrug*).

Getting tired of having the same things to eat all the time. I used to complain about my dad making burgers virtually every night of the week.. but now I’m wishing he could.. It’d be better than this microwave stuff. Even fast food would be better. I wish I could have that delivered. *sigh* ..Well.. see ya..


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