Saturday 08.07.2010 — ???

I awoke in the morning, then got online for a little while.. But soon, I watched the final five episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 2 Vol 1 (aw man, no way I’m gonna leave it at that.. definitely have to start Vol 2 tomorrow :p ), eventually followed by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (the “Island of Illusion” duology.. that megazord battle in Part 1 was more awesome that I remember, even with the soiling of the new reversioned effects.. the colored eraser marks for effects were the worst part, but the “???” over the Megazord’s head got a laugh out of me :p ). And then I got online again..

In the afternoon, I chose to just watch a whole bunch of stuff throughout the rest of the day. And so I watched Warehouse 13 (very good episode 🙂 ), Eureka (haven’t watched this show since the Season 2 premiere, but wanted to watch these two crossover episodes together 🙂 ) and Skyrunners (the Disney XD original movie from last year.. bleh, didn’t really like it all that much.. especially that wide open ending that seems will never be resolved.. saw that Ranger Productions logo at the end though, odd seeing them credited for a non-Power Rangers production.. I wonder if Disney will continue using that name).

Not done yet. Next, I watched Batman: Under The Read Hood on Blu-ray (wow, great movie. except for that short runtime, of course.. can’t wait for the Supergirl origin in the next one though 😉 ..DC Showcase: Jonah Hex was also rather good too, wow).. followed by Kick-Ass on Blu-ray (whoa, that was one awesome movie, loved every second.. and almost want to watch again right now :p ).

And that was pretty much it for another day. *sigh* See ya.


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